“Plan B She Said” Health Advices

“Plan B She Said”  Health Advices

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Worried about unwanted pregnancy due to skipped contraception? Or a condom broke, which is due to improper usage. Calm down. It’s not so late to take morning-after pills or a week after contraceptive pills. Nevertheless, all you need to know is how to use a condom in a proper way. This will be explained at the end of this article. Before let us know about after condom breakage.

The most important thing that women should not do after an improper usage or unprotected sex is douching. Never douche immediately after a condom break. This may cause the increased risk of pelvic infections. Here is a list of emergency contraceptives that has to use immediately after an unprotected sex.

Plan B She Said: This is the first accepted hormonal emergency contraceptive that can be used within three days after having an unprotected sex and also without any doctor’s prescription if you are above 17 yrs. of age. However, this causes some side effects like nausea, headache, tiredness, breast sensitivity, etc.

Ella one: This is also, an emergency contraceptive that is approved by FDA, in 2010. It works same like the plan B. Only difference is you can take it even after five days of unprotected sex.

Copper IUD: This is a kind of emergency contraceptive to be given or inserted by a doctor within five days of unprotected intercourse. This will be effective for a longer time (nearly about 10 yrs).

All these emergency contraceptives cannot be guaranteed to prevent from pregnancy all the times. So always keep an eye on your pregnancy or go for a test if your period is late for more than a week.

• Use lubricants like KY jelly, which is totally water based

• Always use condoms of proper size.

• Never open condom packet with some sharp things like teeth, keys, etc.

• See the expiry date on condoms before buying.

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