Anemia can be caused by mercury fillings.

Anemia can be caused by mercury fillings.

People sometimes call anemia tired blood. It is a condition where there aren’t enough healthy red blood cells to carry enough oxygen to your tissues and this can make you feel tired. There are many types and with different causes. I became anemic by the age of 14 years old. I now understand why. My dad took me to the dentist to have 13 mercury (silver) fillings when I was 13 years old. One year later is was anemic and the doctors didn’t know why. At age 16 I checked into the hospital because I just didn’t feel right. Something was wrong. The only thing they could find wrong with me was the anemia. They told me to take iron. Later I had low blood pressure know as hypotension. This condition can come from being anemic. Then I had problems with being cold and looking pale. I started felling like I would pass out at times. The ADA now admits to a large list of health problems related to having mercury fillings. The first thing on the list is anemia. I read an interesting testimonial from Lisa Marie Presley who had a serious problem with her health until she had her silver fillings removed. To learn more click on the link below.

mercury poisoning

Anemia affects millions of Americans and this makes it the more common blood disorder in the U.S. If you think you have anemia you should have a physical by a medical doctor and have him try to determine why you are anemic. In my case they didn’t know. If you have mercury in your mouth I ask you to know into this more and think about having it replaced. Don’t suffer like I did.

My purpose for this page is to make those people that have mercury in their mouth aware of the dangers of mercury fillings and how it lead to Candida for me. The ADA’s list also has Candida on it. I almost died. I stopped breathing and my heart stopped. This can lead to a slow death. I will briefly cover other info on anemia in the next three paragraphs and then return to my main purpose for this page.

A few things that can cause anemia are poor nutrition because vitamins and minerals are needed to make red blood cells. Alcoholism because they eat poorly. Weight gain in pregnancy dilutes the red blood cells. A long-term medical condition is another. If the bone marrow for some reason just don’t make enough red blood cells. My daughter’s dad died about two years ago from bone marrow cancer. One of his big problems was not enough red blood cells. They tried procrit but it didn’t help.

Some of the signs of anemia are low blood pressure, which I have already mentioned I had, black tarry stools which are sticky, maroon, or bloody stools and have a foul odor. Others are rapid heart rate and breathing. Yellow or pale skin. Others are cold skin, heart murmur and enlarged spleen. In other countries it have shown that enzymes have helped in some areas. To learn more about enzymes click on the link below.

Enzymes has been shown to help anemia.

We all know girls and women can become anemic from heavy periods. The need for more iron during childbearing age is high because iron is needed to make new red blood cells. If you have a teen that is anemic or has heavy periods I would have her checked. She may need folic acid and B12.

Back to the subject of health problems caused by mercury fillings and overall restoring good health. I used a three-step plan. First let me say I had my mercury fillings removed and then the three-step plan worked. First you need to alkalize. To find out why click on the link below.

Alkalizing helps the Candida caused by the mercury fillings. The x2o has a small amount of colloidal silver in it. To learn more about colloidal silver click on the link below.

Then you need to cleanse. To learn more click on the link below.


Last you need to build. This is a very important part of the program. Find out why you need probiotics and not antibiotics if you can avoid them. Thanks you for visiting one of my many site pages. Hope this info is helpful.

Antibiotics Watch this video to learn more about alkalizing.

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