Canola Oil and Atkins Diet Plan

Canola Oil and Atkins Diet Plan

Healthy mind contains in healthy body and healthy body needs to be fed the foods cooked in power- giving-cooking oil. And the best is canola oil which is low in saturated fat (less than 70%) and is high in monounsaturated fat. It also contains omega-3 fatty acid profile. The US Food and Drug Administration have considered it as the best qualified health claim. By consuming it, according to the health benefits, you can significantly reduce the chance of heart disease. Canola oil, made after crushing seeds of the canola plant, is among the healthiest of cooking oils. It contains the lowest saturated fat of any oil commonly consumed by the people, at just 70%. If compared sun flower oil has 12% saturated fat, corn oil has 23% and olive oil has 15%.

The canola oil is slow in saturated fat, but high in healthy unsaturated fats. It’s an excellent source of omega-3 fatty acid alpha-linolenic acid (ALC) of any other oil commonly used. This fat is important in the sense that the human body cannot produce them.Switching to only canola oil based- products could reduce your saturated fat intake by almost 10% and increase your ALA intake by nearly 73%.

The oil also contains the valuable amount of antioxidant vitamin-E. And vitamin-E required for maintaining the integrity of cell membrane and skin by protecting it from harmful oxygen free radicals.
Pinpointing the need of weight loss, Atkins diet plan clicks to our mind. The Atkins diet is low carb diet developed over 20 years ago by Dr. Robert Atkins, an American heart specialist. However, he felt that the diet he advised for the patients not only improve their conditions but also reduced their weight calorie restriction. The Atkins diet is basically beneficial as it involves limited consumption of carbohydrates. It switches the metabolism from metabolizing glucose as energy over to converting stored body fat to energy.

The core concept of the Dr. Atkins theory that, over consuming and hypersensitivity to carbohydrates is the root cause to gain weight. In order to follow Atkins plan you must begin monitoring and controlling your carbohydrate-intake. There are, on accordance with the plan, some specific foods that are allowed and not allowed during certain portions of the plan. In particular, it advises you to refrain from eating bad carbs such as processed, pre-packed foods and junk foods like cookies in favour of protein rich diet.

Atkins diet enables your body to switch from a machine that uses carbohydrates for fuel to one that uses far for fuel. As by this, the diet with little or no carbs forces the body’s storage of fat to become its main energy source.
The Atkins plan also says that the less insulin is the result of low carbohydrates diets and that when insulin levels are normal, your body will began to destroy fat and then there is deduction in your weight. By maintaining your insulin level not only does your body burn fat but also leads to less hunger and fewer cravings. According to the Atkins folks, their diet attempts to control insulin levels by controlling the amount of carbohydrates you eat.