Daily Stress Relief Techniques

Daily Stress Relief Techniques
Stress Relief

Each and every day we encounter some level of stress. Usually the stress is caused by us focusing on, or dealing with, to many things at one given time. You know this is very common. As a mom, wife, business woman, housekeeper we have more on our plates than we should. And even though we take pride in the fact that we can cook dinner, help the kids with their homework while listening to our spouses vent about their day; the honest truth is this is very hard on our mind and eventually our body. However we can relieve this stress, or at least lower it, so you can feel better each and every day, and I’m going to share with you a few techniques you can do to overcome you daily stressors.

I know you have heard it time and time again but I’m going to share it with you again. It’s very important that you take time for yourself, and I mean real time for yourself. Understand that you cannot be everything to everyone and those that need you to be that have their own insecurities and issues they need to deal with. This is very unhealthy for your mind and not to mention your body. Taking a few hours, even minutes, out of the day for yourself can truly make a difference in you happiness and overall health.

Keeping Your Mind Calm

Meditation and prayer are two of the biggest ways to calm a restless mind, but they aren’t the only things you can do. There are many other choices to help you feel better and live a stress-free life. You might also consider:

  • Volunteering or focusing on helping others
  • Exercising
  • Listening to music
  • Using your mind for joyous pursuits that interest you
  • Playing with children or pets

Everyone has different things they enjoy in life, and you should find yours and practice them when you start to feel stressed or your thoughts try to run away from you. Avoid letting your thoughts talk you out of your dreams. Your dreams are yours; embrace them!

Is one of your techniques to relieve stress or to get your mind off of something is to keep busy? For some reason we think being busy is going keep us from thinking about the things that aggravate us, however, being busy is not the problem when it comes to your mind. The mind can think on many things as we try to physically indulge yourself in something else. So instead of dwelling on things that upset you, or hiding them buy becoming little miss business bee, deal with them, let them go, and move on to things that you enjoy. You can do this with your thoughts, just like you would with a physical task in the workplace or at home.

Each Day Take Steps To Lower Your Stress Level

Have you ever had aches and pains that you didn’t know the cause? Did you ever get angry with someone and there really was no reason for you to get that upset over that topic? Those are physical signs of your stress. Stress begins in your mind as thoughts, but it can, and if not dealt with will eventually, manifests itself physically. If stress continues all the time and becomes chronic, your overall health could be compromised.

Try these strategies to lower your stress:

  1. Focus on what matters to you. What’s important in your life? Be proactive about your goals and priorities. When you’re working toward something that you want, it makes you feel good about yourself and your future.
  2. Find both physical and mental ways to release your stress. Releasing your stress every day keeps it from building up inside you. Make the conscious choice to start each day fresh, without the stress from the day before.
  • What relaxes you? Music? Hobbies? Spending time with your family? Enjoy a healthy dose of relaxation every day.
  • Get as much exercise as possible. Exercise refreshes your body with a surge of oxygen and releases endorphins, the “feel good” hormone. Even if there’s no time for an exercise session, take the stairs instead of the elevator, park far away from the building so you can walk, and play with your kids or pets.
  1. Practice these strategies consistently. Work on releasing your stress every day, even on days when you don’t feel as much stress, so it won’t be a struggle when you really need it. When you’re feeling good, it’s natural to forget about letting stress go, but it’s important to avoid getting complacent.

Whichever techniques you choose to calm your mind and lower your levels of stress, ensure it’s the right fit for you and your lifestyle. Only you know what you really need and what makes you feel safe and at peace.

If you practice this peacefulness each day, it won’t be long before you start to feel calmer, even in situations where you would have previously been over the edge. Your thoughts will be clearer, instead of jumbled and racing. Physically, you’ll feel stronger, too, because your body will be free from the affliction of stress and anxiety.

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Spring Cleaning

When you think of spring cleaning, you may have an image in your mind of family members gathering around with mops in their hands. That’s because spring is a good time to make your home and workspaces sparkling clean and clutter free.

However, there’s something else you should be paying attention to as well, and that’s keeping a clear and happy mindset.

If you find that you’re having trouble dealing with life’s stresses, and you need to sort out your thoughts, it will benefit you to use some of your spring cleaning time on yourself!

Try some of the following tips to reorganize your thoughts:

  1. Get rid of anger. There are many negative emotions that you can eliminate during spring cleaning time, and anger is one of those emotions.You need to deal with it and then throw it away.
  • Ensure you handle it effectively rather than hide it away. If you try to just push it away, it’ll just grow stronger and cause you more stress. Face your anger and make a plan to find solutions for your issues, or simply let go.
  1. Focus on forgiveness. Focus on forgiveness if you’re holding onto negative emotions. You may not feel that the person you need to forgive deserves it, but you deserve to finally be at peace. Think of it as doing something for yourself instead of letting someone off the hook.
  2. Make a list of your dreams and goals. Just as you make a list of your chores during cleaning, make a list of some of your short term and long term dreams and goals. When you list them out on paper, it gives you something concrete to look at throughout the day.
  • Post your list where you’ll see it often, and cross things off as you accomplish them.
  1. Be open to new ideas. When you open yourself to new situations and ideas, you’ll bring a new freshness and more opportunities into your life. It might feel safe to stay closed off, but eventually you’ll feel that things have become stale.
  2. Don’t be afraid to have fun. Spring cleaning for your home or mind doesn’t have to be a chore. With the right attitude, it can be fun to bring change into your life. It’s like getting a fresh start and you can focus on your new beginning.
  3. Stop to enjoy life and nature. Learn to see the beauty in things that you’ve taken for granted. Take a walk and get some fresh air, or get up early one day to watch the sunrise. These things will give you new perspectives on life.
  4. Focus on organization. Just like you would organize your house when it becomes too cluttered, take this opportunity to learn to organize your mind when it becomes cluttered too. Avoid letting jumbled thoughts overpower your thinking process. Learn to use a calm approach and deal with one situation at a time.
  • Take some time out of each day to clear your mind. You can accomplish this through meditation, prayer, or anything that relaxes you.

Remember, you’re very important, and more important than those other things you clean every spring. Use these tips to spring clean your mind, and enjoy your new beginning free from stresses and negativity.

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