Exercises to strengthen glutes

Exercises to strengthen glutes
strengthen glutes

All women want to have a firm derriere and legs shapely and toned. We are always fighting gravity and want to beat the flab but we must not lose hope because of a very simple way, we can.

To see optimal results are some simple exercises that we must implement and above all be consistent.

The first one is done using a chair to reach the knees. You have to stand in front of the bank and raise the right foot across the floor seating in the chair, raise both legs and stretch well. Then they fall flat on the floor, this exercise should be done in three sets of ten repetitions with each leg.

Another exercise is to lift the right leg back and up bent at a 90 degree angle, trying to get to the back. It rises a little more with the same bend, until you feel the buttocks contracted, again lowering the leg to the height of the back and comes back up. This exercise should be performed in three sets of 20 repetitions, alternating each leg and back straight.

An exercise convenient and quite easy to do is to contract the buttocks while standing. This contraction is held for a few seconds and can make the repeats you want.

To get results in a short time the exercises should be done three times a week and if possible in the morning, to make it part of your weekly routine.

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