How To Diagnose Transmission Problem

How To Diagnose Transmission Problem

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How To Diagnose Transmission Problem ?

Usually when it comes to transmission problems, all the DIY mechanics prefer to leave the task of repairing to professionals. This is because fixing a transmission problem is slightly complicated and it is best done by an expert. However, you can diagnose transmission problems yourself, so that you can rectify it at the earliest.

Here is how to diagnose transmission problem:

If the transmission fluid is running low, then it is quite possible that there is a leak. In order to check for a leak, look at the ground under the transmission. You will notice a stain on the ground. Leaks can occur from gasket fluid cooler, seals and lines. Find out exactly where the leak is occurring so that you can fix it immediately.

In case you want to know whether the transmission fluid needs to replaced, take a few drops from the dipstick and spread it on a paper towel. Check the color of the fluid. It should be light brown or red in color and it should spread easily on the paper towel. If the fluid is dark in color and appears sticky, then it is time to replace the fluid.

In order for the transmission to work properly, even the fluid filter should be checked periodically. If you notice the filter showing signs of wear and tear, and there are metal shavings, then you need to go for transmission fluid flush.

If you are facing problems while changing gears, or you notice that the gears are slipping, then you need to take your car to a professional. They would be able to rectify the problem. It is imperative that you diagnose the problem early in order to save money and to keep the car in good working condition for a long time.

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A transmission cooler''s main job is to circulate oil that is warm in order to stabilize the transmission''s temperature. This cooler is located in front of the engine''s coolant radiator and is situated in the direct path of the cool air that comes in. If you want to install a transmission cooler, you can do it yourself. However, be prepared to spend an hour doing the installation. More..