Interesting Facts on Strength Training

Interesting Facts on Strength Training

Strength training is a term often heard when we refer to physical fitness. Strength training no doubt plays an integral part in muscle building but there are many facts about strength training that fitness trainers may not tell you about. Having a good knowledge about strength training and the associated muscular system could be of help while strength training.

All strength training programs are aimed at developing muscle power. Strength training helps define muscles and gives the body that well toned chiseled look. Strength training is an important part of training for not those who are looking at building muscles alone, but also a regular feature in training camps of athletes. Fitness gurus recommend strength training to be part of weight loss programs. This just shows the significance of strength training. There is no denying that it is a significant form of exercise that helps different types of people.

Though there are many forms of strength training it can be broadly divided into two basic forms -

  1. The first kind is done using the force of gravity.
  2. The second type depends solely on hydraulic machines.

If you ask which of the two is better, that would be a tough call, as both are effective in giving desired results. It is a matter of preference which forms of strength training individuals choose to workout with.

Strength training that relies on gravity includes light weight lifting. This form of strength training uses weights which can be in the form of dumb bells, kettle bells and bar bells. Working with weights gives the body strength training with the action of lifting weights. On the other hand strength training using hydraulic machines could be termed as a form of resistance training. The machines offer resistance to the muscles while training on them. This resistance provides strength training.

Strength training gives definition to the muscles and improves the size of the muscles. When the muscles improve they also get much stronger and get improved stamina. Improved stamina is beneficial in many ways.

There are many benefits associated with strength training apart from well developed muscles and increased stamina. Strength training reduces incidence of joint pain if done regularly, making the joints stronger. Along with muscles, ligaments get stronger as well. There is a marked improvement in cardiovascular health as strength training brings down the levels of cholesterol and blood pressure.

Like all forms of training, strength training requires a good warm up routine before starting. This helps avoid muscle injury, ligament tears and other injuries. It is always a good idea to have expert guidance while doing strength training. A trained fitness expert would be able to give proper guidance on how to do the exercise. Over exerting or under exerting the muscles could be disastrous. A trainer would advise on how to lift weights and the weights to be lifted. The same goes for resistant machines. A trainer can guide how to use the machine best for better performance.

Never train on an empty stomach. Fitness experts recommend a healthy snack or a handful of nuts before starting on the training.