Take honey diet to reduce weight

Take honey diet to reduce weight

1. Honey vinegar

Ingredients: honey, vinegar, boiled water

Practice: according to 1:4 to tune honey and vinegar, and then add the appropriate amount of boiled water and mix well. Here we should pay attention to take warm water, too cold and too hot water can damage honey nutrition. use white vinegar, balsamic vinegar has higher sodium, which is not good for high blood pressure patients

Can take it 20 minutes before breakfast, it will helps bowel detoxification, smooth stool, effectively relieve constipation, you can also take it 10 minutes after lunch and dinner, can promote digestion of food.

2. Honey porridge

Ingredients: honey, 50 grams of rice, amount ghee


1, put the rice into the pot, and pour the right amount of water and make it to porridge

2, and finally add butter and honey into porridge, cook for a few minutes

It can be used as breakfast and dinner. Porridge is a liquid food, autumn is the season of appetite, eating more of these liquid foods will help add satiety, reduce your food intake to prevent over-eating and hinder weight gain process,

3. Honey carrots

Material: one white radish, honey 150 grams.


1, diced turnip, add into boiling water, cooked, dry 10 hours.

2, put into the pot and then add honey, and mix thoroughly over low heat and let it cool and then eat

4. Honey and lotus root juice

Ingredients: honey, fresh lotus root


1, take about 200 grams of lotus root, slices, then put into the juicer to make into juice

2, pour the juice in to the cup and add a spoonful of honey, stir evenly, complete.

It can be drunk 2-3 times in a day, lotus root is a fall food, lotus root is rich in dietary fiber, very favorable for long-term constipation. Lotus has some Jianpizhixie effect, can increase appetite, promote digestion and appetite, cooling blood, and add water