Vitamin, mineral and herb supplements teamed with a good quality diet are the

Vitamin, mineral and herb supplements teamed with a good quality diet are the
Good Nutrition Matters

Vitamin, mineral and herb supplements teamed with a good quality diet are the
building blocks for good overall health for your pets.

What Causes Poor
Nutrition in Pets?

Poor or inadequate diets, allergies, and stress are just a few of the maladies that affect
the wellness of our pets.

To ensure that your pet maintains a good overall appearance, start
your treatment from the inside out with proper nutrition.

A wholesome diet and daily supplements of digestive enzymes and essential fatty acids (EFAs) can help your pet
live a healthier, more energetic life.

Commercially-prepared, premium quality, natural recipe dog and cat foods are highly processed, so don''t expect them to provide all the nutrients your companion needs throughout his or her lifetime.

Your dog or cat is a much-loved friend who keeps you company, makes you laugh, comforts you after a long day — and depends on you for almost every need. You owe it to your furry friend to keep him or her in tip-top shape.

EFAs - The Overlooked Nutrient
A dog or cat''s immune system functions the same as humans. Without essential fatty acids in our diets, cells can not be formed or function efficiently. Essential fatty acids are the building blocks for prostaglandins which work to regulate hormones, immune and nervous systems plus cardiovascular function. This is why these fatty acids are called "essential fatty acids" (EFAs).

Researchers now consider EFAs to be as vital to our
health and our pets'' health as vitamins and minerals.
The body can not make essential fatty acids from other substances, which makes a strong case for EFA supplementation. EFAs are reponsible for basic cellular health in all body tissues. They play a special part in keeping the skin moist and supple and an absolute prerequisite for healthy coat and skin in pets. Our exclusive formula includes Omega 3 Fatty Acids, flax seed, rice bran, brewers yeast and wheat germ. This is what makes Immune Healtha superior EFA supplement for your pet.

We Are What We Eat and Breathe!
Vitamin, mineral and herbal supplements combined with good quality food is the best way to assure good nutrition and healthy pets. Animals live closer to the ground, closer to pollutants that emanate from synthetic carpets, or to cleaning solvents used on the floor, and to the herbicides and pesticides sprayed in the yard. They, too, eat highly processed food, possibly the most highly processed on the planet. Also, many pet foods are loaded with chemicals and questionable ingredients.

The effects of inadequate nutrition, pollution and genetic defects take their toll on our pet population. That is why many animals become sick and die before their time. There are estimates that one-third of our pets have allergic symptoms. The veterinary costs of dealing with genetic defects are estimated at $1 billion a year!

Animals have the same basic needs as ours - good nutrition, shelter, health care, and love. Providing them with immune-targeted nutrients may be a very good place to start!

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