Where can you buy Slim Fast?

Where can you buy Slim Fast?

Lots of people are asking where can they buy Slim Fast? The better question would be where to buy it cheaply, since nowadays you can purchase it in most supermarkets and drugstores. Anyway, what is Slim Fast, as their brand name is quite dull.

Slim Fast is a popular and rather old weight loss meal replacement shakes, bars and powders. It has been on the market for more than twenty years, hence its widely presence not only US , but UK, France, Germany, Canada and few others. As a side note, there are other brands on the market promising to lose weight by replacing your meals with low calories shakes or powders, such as Weight Watchers, very popular as well.

Does Slim Fast work?

It is a question which anyone thinking to follow this type of fast diet. Slim Fast claims that by following their diet plan, you could lose up to 10% of your body weight in six months. They also state that they are not a quick weight loss solution, in case you want a fast way to lose weight, this is not for you. Better get some fat burners pills such as Phen375.

There are mixt results with this slimming program. As with any weight loss plans, some reported very good results, others have negative views. However, there is another issue with this weight loss meals replacement, since some of its shakes does not contain enough fiber, hence putting your health to risk.

This is why you need to follow a healthy diet plan, learn to eat and cook healthy food, or get a real diet meals for weight loss, something like eDiets or Medisat, and not opting to replace your real meal course with shakes and slimming bars or powders. Another question that might arise is how much additives those have. It is well known that additives are not good for health in their vast majority.

If you still want to go ahead with Slim Fast, you may want to know that their shakes have 200 calories. One such shake is meant to replace one course meal, which for a normal person contain something like 500 calories. So, you replace your 500 calories real meal course with a 200 milk shake, hence you get less calories per day. They also claim that you can eat any kind of food with their Slim Fast diet shakes. This is very appealing for food lovers out there. Also, you are advised to do thirty minutes of exercise per day for better results.