aritra Healthy Kids - Part 3

aritra  Healthy Kids - Part 3

A good laugh and a long sleep are the best cures in the doctor''s book

It is very essential for all kids to develop healthy food habits. This not only keeps them fit and enhances their growth and development, but also keeps a number of diseases at bay. There are various nutrition activities that can introduce kids to healthy nutritional foods and balanced eating habits. These are simple, yet creative. But most importantly, the fun elements and the joy of learning in these nutrition activities keep the kids interested and in the process develop their knowledge about healthy foods.

Let us see some of the important nutrition activities for kids that can be used:

Learning through Alphabets: The first of the nutrition activities is learning through alphabets. For example: We can introduce the letter “A” to the kids and give example of “Apple”. We can follow this by making the kids color the apple in their drawing books, showing a real apple to them, create paper cuttings of the apples, coloring them and gifting the kids.

Building Food Pyramid: On a large flip chart a triangle can be drawn and divided as per the standard food pyramid with all the five essential food groups. We can label each section with the name of the food group with recommended daily servings. Now the kids can be instructed to cut out pictures of food from magazines. The kids can then be asked to paste the food items according to their respective groups on the chart. They can also use food sticker for this purpose.

Necklaces out of Cereals:The next in the list of nutrition activities can be the use of cereals to create necklaces. The kids can be asked to place looped cereals through a yarn and make a necklace. This activity also enhances the motor skills of the kids.

Creating Stamps: For this nutrition activity, some interesting shapes out of firm vegetables like potatoes, carrots, eggplants etc. can be cut out. Now the kids can be provided with newspapers or white flip charts and some paints of different colors in containers. They need to dip the cut out vegetables into the container and stamp it on the charts provided to them.

Learning to Cook:This nutrition activity is surely going to bring a smile on the kids’ faces. To begin this, first a small amount of milk can be mixed with food colors. Then the kids can be provided a clean small brush and asked to paint a piece of bread with the mixture. But it has to be monitored that the breads don’t get too much wet. Then the bread can be toasted in the oven and the kid can be served with a topping of butter.

So we see that some simple, yet creative nutrition activities can be very much educative, interesting and fun for the kids. If you want to introduce your kids to healthy nutritional foods and balanced eating habits, then just follow these important nutrition activities for kids. You will be pleased to see the positive results!

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Today, with the rapid growth in televisions, computers and gaming devices in our homes, kids are increasingly spending time glued to these gadgets. In this scenario, aerobics for kids have become not an option, but an absolute necessity. Lack of good aerobic exercise for kids can lead to obesity. Obesity in turn increases the possibility of a number of diseases. As parents, you need to ensure proper aerobics sessions for kids that will help them to be healthy, develop their hearts and lungs, strengthen and tone their muscles and control their weights. In a nutshell, good aerobic exercise for kids ensures overall physical and mental growth for them.

Parents today have a number of ways to ensure good aerobics for kids. But the most effective way is to make the activities full of fun by parents themselves participating in those activities. Kids always feel more motivated if they see their parents involved in what they do. Also parents participating in these aerobics for kids will equally benefit from the exercises.

Let’s see some of the good aerobics exercises for kids that can be beneficial for them:

Walking /Jogging: Brisk walking or jogging can be a great starter for a new exercise regime. Parents can walk to and from schools with the kids. If time permits, an early morning jogging with your kids can be fun filled. Another good aerobics for kids is going for hiking on the weekends.

Cycling: Cycling is a very good low impact aerobic exercise for kids that helps in building strength. It also supports the body leading to a good posture. For a change, parents can cycle down with the kids to their school.

Swimming: Swimming is one form of aerobics for kids that can very well turn out to be a family activity. You can challenge your kid on who can finish the length faster. You can even play water polo. Playing saucers in the water can be equally enjoying.

Some aerobics for Stronger Muscles: There are some aerobics for kids that help in strengthening muscles. These are push-ups, pull-ups, tug-of-war, rowing and inline skating. Participate with your kids in these activities and see how they enjoy it.

Some aerobics for Enhancing Flexibility: Contrary to the adults, kids have more flexible body. They can easily stretch and bend without much effort and pain. Some aerobics for kids like gymnastics, yoga, dance, martial arts etc. enhances the flexibility of their body.

Just Play Around: Even simple sports like kicking the football and playing with bat and ball can be good form of aerobics for kids. Involve the whole family or your kid’s friends. This feeling of togetherness will also help boost your kid’s interest in aerobics.

So, there are plenty of good aerobics for kids. Choose the best one that suits you and your kid. Go out today with your kid and have fun. Even after sweating it out in the sun, you will see that healthy smile on your kid’s face!

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Talk about nutrition, and there will always be many minds to guide you. However, the question is does everyone know how to select nutrient nutrition? The answer may be no. Most people think they are eating healthy without the knowing which food would give them the maximum nutrition. So, let us dive into the matter and try to analyze.

According to a nutrition report, the following food items were said to be the most nutritious:

Colorful fruits and vegetables are said to give you minerals, vitamins, carbohydrates and other such nutrition, but without adding calories to your body.

Whole grains such as wheat, oats, corn etc. are good source of vitamins and fibers. These should be included in your daily diet and taken during breakfast. There are other forms of grains available in the market as well, which is not nutritious. Make sure you have read the label before making the purchase.

Oatmeal is not a very attractive food, although it is very rich in nutrients. To make it an enjoyable meal, try adding some fruits to it. This will not only make it a healthy breakfast, but will also give you the required nutrients from the fruits.

Adding spinach, tomatoes or peppers to your meal gives the body its daily dose of minerals, vitamins etc.

Avoid adding syrup as a topping for your desert. Add fruit pulp to it instead.

When craving for a dip to go with your snack, don’t jump at the fatty and unhealthy option available to you. Instead, with very little effort you may prepare a healthy yet tasty dip out of yoghurt.

Choose to substitute a salad with the fast food that you daily eat. Mix different types of fruits and vegetables of different colors to make an attractive delicacy. You will get all the nutrients required, and also have a full stomach the healthy way.

You must be fond of pepperonis in your pizza. How about trying chopped pepper, diced chicken and onions to go with it? In case you are not too fond of onions, then try adding spinach instead.

Like ice cream? Then why not make some for yourself. You may refrigerate low-fat yoghurt with fruits of your choice to create a wonderful specialty.

The craving for French fries can be taken care of by quickly shaping the potatoes and frying them in olive oil, rather than buying them from the supermarket.

When thirsty, drink lots of water. Drinking water rinses your body of the toxins, hence leaving you vitalized. You may choose fruit juices too, however, avoid the excess sugar piled into it. Try mixing in some pure honey instead.

There are many ways in which you may avoid gorging on unhealthy food. However, it seems like at times we choose not to do so. There are some amazing healthy recipes available on the Internet waiting for you to download. Just click, choose, and serve! Amazing, isn’t it?

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How To Prepare A Healthy Weight Loss Diet?

A healthy diet keeps the doctor away. And this applies to your kid as well. A healthy weight loss diet helps your kids shed extra weight or prevent him/her from becoming obese, even without exercise. Recent studies have proved that obese kids are more likely to suffer from diabetes and other health complications than the healthy ones. So, here we will discuss about how to prepare a healthy weight loss diet for your kid.

Weight loss diet includes meals that are rich in protein and low in carbohydrates. Such meals will keep your kid active throughout the day. The more active your kid is, the less chance he/she has of becoming obese. The best thing is that preparing healthy weight loss meals takes less time than the high-in-fat ones. You just need to know what to exclude from the diet.

While preparing a healthy balanced diet, it is better to avoid potatoes, grain, rice, sugar, and roots like yam. Your kid’s diet should not include pasta, cakes, processed foods, and deep fried foods. These foods are rich in carbohydrate, and end up making your kid obese. But keeping your kid away from high carb foods may be easier said than done. If they insist, give in to their demands but only once in while.

The healthy kid diet should not include high carb foods. But that does not mean it will be blant or lack variety. Introduce different dishes in your kid’s diet. Also rotate the dishes as frequently as you can. Keep changing your kid’s breakfast, lunch, and dinner with different low carb foods.

A healthy weight loss diet for breakfast should include lots of fresh fruits and juices. If your kid loves to drink milk, give him/her skimmed milk. Also, serve a hard boiled egg instead of an omelet. Anything not fried should be a part of your kid’s healthy weight loss diet.

Apart from staple foods, lots of green vegetables should be on the lunch menu. Prepare salads from raw vegetables like cucumber, carrots, and broccoli. If your kid dislikes eating raw vegetables, replace those with steamed ones. You can also include sea foods and poultry in your kid’s healthy diet. It is good to avoid red meats, as they are rich in carbohydrates.

A healthy weight loss diet for dinner should include dishes that are very light in calories. You can include soups, salads, boiled sea foods, and poultry to your kid’s dinner. Whatever you give your kid to eat for dinner, serve less in quantity as compare to lunch.

You need to keep in mind that a healthy weight loss diet depends on your child’s health requirements. So, the most important thing you need to do before you plan to prepare your kid’s diet is to check his/her weight. You need to know your kid’s standard body mass index. It is advisable to get a healthy weight loss diet - chart made from a nutrition expert. That will ensure your kid never puts on weight yet stays healthy.

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The Importance of Kids Healthcare Insurance

So your kid is pretty healthy and active, never misses school and is full of energy? But do you have kids healthcare insurance for him or her? If your answer is no, then it is high time that you get a healthcare insurance for your kid immediately. Most of us do not realize that even if your kids are healthy and active, that does not mean they may never require any medical expenses. There is no such guarantee. And in this time of rising cost, if you have to pay out of pocket for covering your kids healthcare expenses, it may become an additional burden for you.

Most often we choose to ignore the importance of kids healthcare insurance. We think that why should we spend money on a service that is less likely to be used? But this decision may turn out to be a very costly one. A kids healthcare insurance is not for daily or weekly use. It is for covering the medical expenses of your loved ones only in case the need arises. Since healthcare is very expensive, even the most affluent ones may find it difficult to bear the burden of cost in case of treatment of prolonged diseases or recovery from injuries caused by accidents.

The importance of kids healthcare also lies in the very nature of their health needs that are different from adults. The growth and development of your kid is quite rapid. This also increases their risk of illness or injury as compared to yours. If there is a delay in identifying and treating the health problems of a kid, it can affect his or her entire physical and psychological development. And this is where healthcare insurance ensures that your kid gets proper and timely treatment, without worrying about the medical expenses.

So, there are lots of reasons that support the importance of kids healthcare insurance. Kids with healthcare insurance:

Have much better preventive healthcare access.

In all possibility have much steady and primary source of healthcare.

Are less absent from schools and also their parents are less likely to take leaves on account of the kid’s sickness.

Have regular access to health checkups, vaccinations, medications and dental cares that make them healthier than those who do not have kids healthcare insurance.

Are much more physically, socially and emotionally developed than kids without healthcare insurance.

Are more likely to get timely medical attention for conditions that may have lifelong consequences, in case left unattended.

Have access to continuous healthcare support system without any financial burden on parents.

So if you are looking to buy a kids healthcare insurance, do not delay any more. Kids in their formative years need healthcare insurance and this is non-negotiable. Talk to your agent today and get a plan that suits your budget. After all, the stakes are too high to ignore when your little one is involved. Isn’t it?

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