Carbohydrate Loading Muscle Recovery After Workout

Carbohydrate Loading  Muscle Recovery After Workout

Stages of recovery after workout

Any physical activity, particularly intense workouts require a period of recovery. After workout the body is recovering in three separate stages:

The stage of rapid recovery begins immediately after the end of your workout and continues about 30 minutes. During this time, the speed of your metabolism drops to its normal values.

Next the body enters in the intermediate period of recovery that continues from 90 minutes to several hours. In this time, the body begins to recover its liquids through a process called rehydration. This is the most critical time of recovery, which requires carbohydrates. To help this process you should take carbohydrates immediately after workout.

And finally comes the longest stage of recovery, which may continue from 2 to 20 hours during which continues the recovery of carbohydrate levels. In this stage, your body removes muscle injuries caused by the exercises.

Supply the body with carbohydrates – Carbohydrate Loading

Muscle recovery is essential but should not be permitted the level of carbohydrates to lead muscle fatigue. Training and after training eating are the main elements for good performance and should not be missed feeding the body with carbohydrate foods in the days before your important workouts.

In some places, this process is written as “carbohydrate loading“. This prevents the blocking of training effect. Your eating plan should include a lot of carbohydrates, especially if you are an athlete who is engaged in sports where endurance is the main element. Generally, carbohydrate loading is especially important to be done for athletes whose performance continues more than 90 minutes.

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