Health Aids - Hair and skin care

Health Aids - Hair and skin care

Merchant Description Details for Men has a clear mission: to provide

men with the highest quality grooming, skincare, haircare, shaving and personal care products to

suit their active lifestyle. Details for Men strives to provide a great selection, convenience,

information, personal service, and a trustworthy and reliable


Merchant Description Botox alternatives have become very popular in skin care. The Timelapse Wand is capitalizing

on this lucrative market while adding something new at the same time. The Timelapse Wand is a line and wrinkle

removing agent that produces instant skin tightening. It is delivered in a base of bee’s wax in a unique stick

applicator that fits in your pocket. Suitable for men and women, it can be applied either under or over makeup as a

touch up during the day, which gives the Timelapse Wand an edge. The Timelapse Wand uses high quality actives that

are found in expensive anti aging creams. Our actives are naturally derived and our product is affordable which

should result in higher sales. This is the first mass market “high end” anti aging skin care product. We believe

this is the future of skin care, which is a very lucrative market you can share in.

Spa, Cosmetic, Bath Clays: Calcium Montmorillonite

We offer premium quality spa, cosmetic, and healing clay available at wholesale prices.

Acne Prevention Tips, Pimple Prevention Tips

Find effective acne prevention tips and acne cures. Zit prevention tips, white head cures and black head cures.

Cystic acne prevention and acne scarring. Pimple prevention tips and acne treatment myths and natural acne cure

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