Lower Back Pain Exercise – Exercises to Try to Alleviate Your Back Pain

Lower Back Pain Exercise – Exercises to Try to Alleviate Your Back Pain

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Lower back pain is very common; in fact, it’s one of the main reasons that people miss work today. There are so many different reasons that people end up dealing with this type of pain, and most people want to find methods of easing the problem. Lower back pain exercise is often a great way to help alleviate some of the pain that you are dealing with in your back. The right exercises can help to strengthen the muscles in the back, taking pressure off the spine. Of course before you start trying out exercises for your back, it’s important that you check with your doctor. If exercises are a great choice for you, here are several great exercises to try to alleviate the back pain you have in your lower back.

Lower Back Stretch

A lower back stretch is a great way that you can exercise the area in order to help get a break in the back pain that you are dealing with. The way to do this exercise is to lay down on the floor totally flat. Have your hands above your shoulders on each side of your head. Us your arms to push your upper torso up from the floor. Your pelvis and buttocks should still stay on the floor while you are doing this. Don’t allow the back to sag down while you are doing this. Hold the stretch for a couple seconds, then repeat. Do this from 5-10 times to help stretch and strengthen the back.

Wall Squats for Back Pain

If you are trying to get rid of back pain, another lower back pain exercise to try is wall squats. These are easy to do and all you will need is a wall that is flat. Stand up against the wall and keep your back flat against it. While you keep your back in position against the wall, take your feet and move them out about a foot. Then bend your knees until they are at a 45 degree angle. Hold your knees at this angle for a few seconds then move back up into the original position. Repeat the squats several times for the best results.

Leg Lifts with an Exercise Ball

You may want to try some leg lifts with an exercise ball. You should take the exercise ball and lay across it on your stomach. The ball should primarily be offering support to the pelvis and your lower abdomen as well. Your legs will be hanging down to the floor. Take your right leg and raise it until it is a few inches off the floor. Then do the same with the left leg. Then you can take both legs and raise them up together. This will work on strengthening those muscles that are in your back, making it a great lower back pain exercise.

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