Natural Ways to Treat Flu and Cough

Natural Ways to Treat Flu and Cough

Flu and Cough is a disease that can affect anyone. Both in poor weather conditions and sunny. Flu and cough is attributed to the weather also caused by a virus that exists around us.

Flu and cough is indeed very disturbing, especially if we are people who are actively working. Because it would attack the nerves and lead to feelings of weakness and headache. Therefore, to overcome the flu coughs naturally and quickly to search for all people.

Companion click experiencing and how the flu do not worry anymore, here are a natural way to treat colds and coughs quickly.

Here are 10 Natural Ways to Treat Flu and Cough

1. Wind Breathe Through Nose Holes
Stuffy nose is an endless torture that feels cold when attacking. It''s good when you start stuffy nose, close one nostril and exhale vigorously winds from the nostrils only, and do this alternately so that lenders can clog out. But be careful when doing it, yes. Blowing the nose is too strong to hurt you.

2. Drinks Warm Water
When the flu strikes, many body fluids are lost through the mucus, saliva, and sweat. For that reason, it is advisable for you to consume a lot of water. The water that you consume should be slightly warm or hot temperatures because of the warm liquid can reduce nasal congestion, prevent dehydration, and who has strep throat. In addition, the steam from hot drinks can also help thin the mucus.

3. Gargling
In addition to the nose, throat flu is also very disturbing. For that, you try gargling with warm water mixed with various ingredients of spices for example mineral salt, ginger, turmeric, apple vinegar. Do it at least four times a day, then the throat will feel lighter.
4. Aroma Menthol

Apply eucalyptus oil or balm containing menthol near the nostrils. It will feel a little hot, but the menthol is very helpful to cure and prevent irritation stuffy nose around the nostrils.

5. Consumption of Chili
Capsaicin, a chemical compound found in chili proven effective to help cleanse the nasal cavity. When the flu began to attack, try eating soup with a sprinkling of pepper or chili-containing foods.

6. Tea, Ginger Juice and Honey
Take ½ teaspoon of ginger juice with ½ teaspoon of honey, drank three times a day. .

7. Powder Turmeric and Honey
Add 1-2 grams of powdered turmeric that has been roasted with honey. Drink three times a day. This recipe is useful to relieve cough.

8. Eucalyptus oil, pine Lavender
Add 5-10 drops of eucalyptus oil, peppermint, pine, lavender, and tea tree oil into a bowl. Breathe the steam from a deep bowl.

9. Warm Water and Vick VapoRub
Take a basin of hot water and mix with Vick VapoRub then inhale fumes. This will relieve the flu.

10. Grape Juice and Honey
A cup of grape juice mixed with honey will help relieve cough.