Speed of ResultsRecommends taking at least

Speed of ResultsRecommends taking at least

    Speed of Results

    Recommends taking at least 1 month before seeing physical results.


    All natural and herbal.

    Overall Value

    $78.95/month $32.41/Year

    Money Back Guarantee

    180 days (minimum 3 month supply ordered)


VigRX Plus is a male enhancement pill that is formulated using all natural herbal ingredients that have been shown to facilitate men’s sexual performance. VigRX’s proprietary natural blend will help you achieve larger, stronger erections, increase your sex drive, and facilitate more intense orgasms. In addition to being one of the top male enhancement products on the web, VigRX Plus has also been featured on As Seen on TV, Maxim, Penthouse, and FHM, Stuff, and Rollingstones magazines!

Natural and Herbal Ingredients

VigRX uses natural ingredients that have been shown to stimulate sexual performance:
  • Bioperine: A substance that increases the bioavailability of nutrients which increases its absorption into the body.
  • Damiana (Turnera diffusa): A shrub that is used as an aphrodisiac due to its ability to stimulate the libido and sexual activity.
  • Puncture Vine (Tribulus terrestris): A flowering plant that has been scientifically shown to increases men’s sex drive by enhancing the body’s natural testosterone level.
  • Epimedium Vine Extract (Horny goat weed): A plant that is indigenous to Europe and Asia that has aphrodisiac qualitites. Epimedium relaxes smooth muscles and increases the penile blood pressure.
  • Ginkgo Biloba: In men, ginkgo helps facilitate vascular blood flow which results in improve erections. In addition, Ginkgo has other medicinal uses and can improve memory and attention in healthy people and is used to treat dementia.
  • Asian Red Ginseng: Traditionally, ginseng is used to increase energy. Ginseng is used as an aphrodisiac that enhances libido performance, as well as for remedying sexual dysfunction in men.

Clinical Studies Results

  • Clients increased ability to maintain their erections
  • Increased ability to penetrate their partners
  • Higher frequency of orgasms experienced
  • Better quality orgasms
  • Improved sex drive
  • Majority of clients experience overall sexual satisfaction

Results Timeline

First month: A “warm up” month where your body prepares for stronger erections and improved sexual performance. Second month: You begin to notice physical changes in your erection size and experience a more powerful sex drive. Third month: You experience firmer, harder, larger erections than before taking VigRX Plus.
Fourth month and beyond: Long lasting enhanced sexual performance and improved erections continue to be seen.

Packages & Prices

  • 1 month supply: $76.99
  • 2 month supply: $143.99
  • 3 month supply: $205.99
  • Silver Package: 4 month supply +3 bonus gifts, only $267.99
  • Gold Package: 5 month supply +4 bonus gifts, only $329.99
  • Platinum Package: 6 month supply + 5 bonus gifts only $384.99
  • Diamond Package: 1 year supply + 5 bonus gifts only $489.99 (works out to be only $41/month!)

Risk-free Guarantee

VigRX Plus orders are backed by their risk- free guarantee. Try a 2 month supply of VigRX Plus and if you are unsatisfied with the results, return the empty containers within 67 days for a full refund (excludes shipping costs). If you ordered more than a 2 month supply, simply returned the empty packages and the unused packages for your refund.

Side Effects

No known or reported side effects.