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What's Happening

What''s Happening

We are your one-stop source for your physical rehab needs. Don''t let your physical limitations wear you down and keep you from doing the things you want to do. At Health FX, you are welcomed as an individual with specific needs and goals. By going beyond a traditional chiropractic adjustment and implementing total body physical rehabilitation, patients can greatly improve their overall health profile. Whether you are looking to run your first or fifth marathon or just start your Monday on the right track, we are your health solution. We have a full line of rehabilitation equipment and strength and conditioning programs that fit any lifestyle. Think outside the box of pain management and strive to be the person you are supposed to be!

Bring your workplace up to the 21st century by scheduling a live in-person seminar with Dr. Molitoris. We are excited to offer a new seminar series which is designed to promote a healthier workplace - and ultimately a more productive work environment. Dr. Molitoris will work with your human resource personnel to identify potential problems and address specific workplace needs. Expertly prepared and delivered topics include: how to improve work station ergonomics, what constitutes proper biomechanics, how to reduce workplace injuries, and what employees can do to increase job satisfaction by improving their heath. Topics can also be specifically tailored to suit individual company''s needs. Call today to set up your free seminar. Don''t let your company be a victim of evolution!

Struggling with weight? I have personally received so many requests regarding this issue that I have updated our practice to include doctor assisted weight loss. As a doctor and health coach, It was only a matter of time before I implemented a proven weight loss program into our services. This is a tried and true program which goes beyond the obvious, but still keeps it simple. Each plan is individually designed for you. It does not require counting points, counting calories, low carbohydrate meals, health shakes, purchasing expensive pre-made meals or any other product that you cannot buy at your local grocery store. In fact, that is exactly the plan. My philosophy behind health is to make it simple to think for yourself.

How many diets have we tried without success? A lot! That''s because it is just that - a diet (even though most diets call themselves a "lifestyle change"). Those diets are geared for the masses and when we cannot afford the prepackaged food, find ourself at a restaurant, or have to eat a carbohydrate, we go into panic mode and right back to where we were - or worse! My program is based on the basic building blocks of nutrition and is as sound as it is easy to follow. Get off that roller coaster ride and schedule a free consultation. Why wait until the New Year to make the change you want to make right now?

Make the investment in your health. Read more about how physical improvement is sometimes looking beyond the "obvious." Success is not necessarily one big event, but rather an accumulation of many smaller successful events. It would be great if we were all at our physical best, however where we want to be today may take more than a few tomorrows to get there. That''s where we come in - we are here to help. (click here)

My view on the quick fix. A thought provoking look at the state of our current healthcare system and how we should be happy that there is no such thing as a quick fix. Can we as a society keep looking to tradition to make us healthy? (click here)

Thanks to Captain Joe Koncas and Captain Scott Savino of the Northampton Police Department for accepting Health FX''s proposal to treat the Northampton police officers and staff. We are excited about working with the NPD to keep them in top condition in their service to our community.

Health FX is working on a 5K benefit road race in Northampton. Northampton is a beautiful location for a road race and is currently home of the Hot Chocolate Run to benefit Safe Passage. We are currently working with and looking for sponsors to help drive this event. If you are interested in more information about this event, please contact Health FX directly at 413-923-8036 or drop us an e-mail through our contact page.