What Kind of Foods Should You Avoid with Gout for Better Health and Wellness

What Kind of Foods Should You Avoid with Gout for Better Health and Wellness

If you’ve ever gotten a gout attack, you know it is very painful.  In fact, many people who suffer from this disease will do anything to avoid it.  So, what can you do?  Most of the problem relates to our diets.  Purines are the main culprit.  They metabolize into uric acid which crystallizes in our joints causing gout.  Prevention is usually geared towards reducing the purine content of what we eat.  So what foods should you avoid with gout?

Shellfish are notoriously high in purine content.  Whether you are eating shrimp or crab you are setting yourself up for pain.  Especially if you eat a lot of it such as at a Friday all you can eat seafood bar.  Eat the shrimp and crab in moderation, and focus on eating other foods in the seafood bar that are much healthier for you without the painful side effects.

Another kind of food to avoid with gout is game food. Pheasant and wild turkey may taste great, but they are not great for the toe and ankle pain you are probably going to experience after eating a few meals of these game birds.  Unfortunately for gout patients, these foods are actually lean and healthy, just not if you don’t have gout.

Hot dogs and bacon are other foods that cause gout.  Whether the hotdogs are from beef, chicken, turkey, or pork, they generally are not good for you.  This is because they are usually made from the organs.  Organ meat is very high in purines.  Bacon can be hit or miss.  Sometimes it is made from the thigh, but it can also be made from the stomach, another organ high in purines. Liver and liver pastes, while high in protein are another source of gout. Ethnic communities that eat high levels of liver and ground meat rich in organs tend to have a increased exposure to gout.

Shellfish, game foods, and organ meat are not the only foods that cause gout, but you if you monitor these foods in your diet, you should hopefully be able to decrease the frequency and intensity of your gout attacks. Eating a healthy diet of vegetables, grains, and legumes can help reduce the purines in your system and lead to greater health and well-being.