What is the Average Male Liposuction Cost ?

What is the Average Male Liposuction Cost ?

The male liposuction cost is now becoming a hot trend among men who are health and body conscious, Male liposuction is performed to free various parts of the body from excess fat that failed to respond to exercise and diet. The common areas involved include the abdomen, male breast and love handles.

Is It More Expensive Than Female Liposuction?

Basically, male liposuction is more expensive than female liposuction for a variety of reasons such as the following:

  • Male fat contains a lot of fibrous materials that are hard to remove. It is more robust and thick that those in women so a greater amount of work is needed when it comes to male liposuction.
  • The most usual body areas which men ask for a liposuction surgery such as the chest, love handles and tummy are the sites where the fat is a lot fibrous even in the females
  • Men are bigger than women so there is more fat to remove.

All these good reasons answer why cost of male liposuction is higher than those of females.

How Much Does It Cost?

Typically, male liposuction costs at an average of $3000 and the maximum you have to pay is at $7000 for each body part. But then, the cost also depends on the patient and the body part. To give you a concrete idea, here are the possible costs per body part:

  • Male Liposuction Cost
    Male Liposuction Cost

    Breasts - There are some men who suffer from a condition called gynecomastia or male breasts. Liposuction for male breasts ranges from $3000 to $7000. If you are an average man whose fat amount does not reach too far to the arm pit, the cost can be at $3000 to $5000. If the fat extends to the armpit area, be ready for $5000 and above.

  • Love Handles - Cost of Male Liposuction for this body part costs $2500 up to $5500
  • Abdomen - Typically, male liposuction for the male tummy costs about $4500 up to $6500 which is the most expensive body part that needs liposuction for both males and females.

Additional Facts

The male liposuction cost will really require you to spend a significant of money. But then, you can avail of discounts to lessen your expenses. A lot of cosmetic surgery institutes can provide you with attractive discount offers. You can avail of as much as $1000 discount or even more depending on the body part involved.

Male Liposuction
Male Liposuction

Also, you will save more if you will subject multiple body parts for a liposuction procedure.

However, along with shopping for the best male liposuction cost , it is also important to consider other things such as the processes and expenses required before and after the operation. Once all of these things are settled, you are good to undergo the surgery.

Overall, it makes sense why male liposuction is more expensive than female liposuction. However, you still have to know that each male body part costs differently so you need to be prepared for the costs. By having a good understanding of male liposuction cost and the entire procedure, you are definitely ready for this procedure.