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A Healthy Morning Breakfast

Natural Body Cycles

Cycle One – A healthy Morning Breakfast Every Day


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ost people don’t know about body cycles. The body has various cycle where it does certain things every day. If your eating habits are not in tune with these cycles, you will gain weight, create body acids, and form devastating diseases. I want to help you avoid these three conditions. Here are the basics of how you can assist your body cycles to gain health, lose weight, and detoxify your whole body.

What Illness or Body Condition Are You Dealing With

If you are overweight, following the body cycles will help you lose some pounds. If you have constipation or flatulence, the body cycle, when allowed to work, will reduce these issue for you. Here is what you need to do to help your body perform their body cycles. What this requires is a new way of eating your meals. Following these techniques will surely improve your over all health. And if you have any question, use our contact page and I will be glad to answer them.

Addicted To Eating?

Since all of us are addicted to the way we eat, it is, sometimes, difficult to change these habits. But if you are serious about what you want, this is best information I found, on how you should eat, so that you can gain the best health possible.

By using the following method to gain better health, you will experience side effects because you will be eliminating body toxins and body wastes. The side effects may be headaches, stomach upsets, body pain, or similar types of symptoms. These conditions will not last and will disappear as you get rid of more toxins. In addition, you will making your body more alkaline, which is the best condition your body can be to fight off disease.

Here are the 3 natural body cycles:

I will only cover Cycle 1 in this site.

Cycle 1 time period: 4 a.m. to 12 noon This cycle is the time where your body is eliminating toxins, acids, wastes, and derby through urine, bowel movements, and other secretions. In this cycle, your body is going through a daily natural detoxification. As you continue with this cycle you will recover your health and energy.

Elimination Cycle

During the elimination cycle, 4 a.m. to 12 noon, eat and drink only fruits and their juices or drink vegetable juices. For a nutritional breakfast eat a bowl of fruit or have a fruit smoothie made with apple juice and fruits in season. Before noontime eat fruits as snack.

Forty-five minutes before noon eat your last fruit. You can eat and drink all the fruits and juices your want up to noontime.

By eating a health breakfast in this way yo

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u are assisting your body’s elimination cycle. This helps your body to eliminate toxins and acids from your body and blood. It is these toxins and acids that make you sick and overweight. Acids are the main cause of most illnesses and so you want to have an alkaline body. Fruits and vegetables give you an alkaline body.

Fruit and Fruit Juice Digestion

It takes one hour or so to digest fruit and fruit juices. Because of this, they help to cleanse your body of waste. Fruits are 70% water just like your body and this gives them the cleansing action they have and that your body needs.