Aerobic FitnessAerobics and Healthy Eating: line

Aerobic FitnessAerobics and Healthy Eating: line

Aerobic Fitness

Aerobics and Healthy Eating: line health and psychophysical

Aerobics, if practiced properly, helps you lose weight, toning the tissues and by enhancing the efficiency of the organism, can reduce anxiety and stress of modern life. Furthermore if the goal that we propose is to recover the fitness, we must also change the way we think and the eating habits of life.

Even in Europe, in the late ''70s, the sport was re-evaluated as a treatment against a sedentary lifestyle: he was catching on the culture of the body and the self-image. Physical activity was beginning to emerge from the tradition of the Olympic sports, finding new recruits in sports-entertainment to practice in the mountains, the sea or comfortably in the gyms of their cities.

Unfortunately the hope that more people will practice physical activity with the goal of prosperity and improvement in their physical form was not easily accomplished: the activities were conducted mostly by unqualified personnel, aimed more at the appearance that essence.


Only in the early ''90s, thanks to collaboration between history, sports doctors, nutritionists and psychologists this takes the form of "fitness" which is also the precise location aerobics, now organized into associations, mostly autonomous, responsible for the preparation instructors.

Despite this, the aerobic fitness, for its variety and ability to meet people of different ages and with different types of fitness, it is now recognized as one of the best known and most popular physical activity in order to recover or maintain their physical fitness.

Aerobic fitness can be performed anywhere and at any season, does not require expensive equipment and accessories, is suited to men and women of any age, of course, carried out ahead, as it should be done for each exercise, a appropriate monitoring of health status and call for an electrocardiogram during exercise.


The structure of the lesson, the total duration of 60 minutes, includes a first part of heating (warm-up) lasting 5-10 minutes, needed to prepare the body for exercises of low intensity. The increase in body temperature and prepare the joints and muscles reduces the possibility of accidents during the lesson.

At this point begins the workout phase (training period) of time ranging from 20 to 50 minutes, including exercises carried out between 50% and 80% of their aerobic capacity. Obviously the intensity and duration of this phase should be closely correlated with the degree of individual preparation.

The teacher then chooses the music (from 120/130 beats per minute for the classes of "beginners", up to 160 beats per minute for the class of "advanced") and choreography to perform, which include coordination exercise " upper extremities - legs "more or less difficult, moving forward, backward, sideways and diagonally, as well as stages of" flight "(steps involving the detachment of both feet from the ground) that greatly increase the intensity of the lesson. Choosing the type of lesson must be made in accordance with the level of the class.

The final phase of cool down allows for the gradual return of heart rate to a baseline level. In this phase you perform simple exercises, among them some stretching exercises and / or flexibility.