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Crazy: A Father’s Search Through America’s Mental Health Madness

Product DescriptionFormer Washington Post reporter Pete Earley had written extensively about the criminal justice system. But it was only when his own son-in the throes of a manic episode-broke into a neighbor’s home that he learned what happens to mentally ill people who break a law. This is the Earley family’s compelling story, a troubling look at bureaucratic apathy and the countless thousands who suffer confinement instead of care, brutal conditions instead of treatment, in the “revolving doors” between hospital and jail. With mass deinstitutionalization, massive numbers of say mental patients are homeless or in jail-an experience tiny superior than the horrors of a century ago. Earley takes us directly into that experience-and into that of a dad…

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Killer At Large: Why obesity is America’s greatest threat

Killer At Large: Why blubber is America’s greatest threat

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The Obesity Myth: Why America’s obsession with weight is hazardous to your health

Product Is your weight perilous to your health? Following the public health authorities, 65 percent of us are overweight. Each day we are bombarded with dire warnings about America’s “obesity epidemic.” Nearly half of the adult population is dieting, concerned with achieving an arbitrary “ideal weight.” But studies show that a moderately active larger mortal is likely to be far healthier (and longer) life, as someone, fine, but is settled. And contrary to what the fifty-billion-dollar-per-year weight-loss industry would have us believe medical science has not yet come with a way to make people thin. After years spent analyzing medical studies and interviews of leading physicians, scientists, intake disorder specialists and psychiatrists, Professor Paul Campos…

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Killers At Large: Why is America’s greatest threat overweight

Killers At Large: Why is America’s greatest threat overweight

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Fat Politics: the true story behind America’s obesity epidemic

Product It seems nearly regular we read newspaper articles and reports to see exposure of the growing epidemic of blubber in America. Our government tells us we are seeing a huge health crisis, with sixty percent of Americans classified as overweight, and one in four as obese. But how valid are these claims? In Fat Politics , J. Eric Oliver shows, as have a handful of doctors, government officials and health researchers, with financial support from the drug-and weight-loss industry struggled to create standards to mislead the public . They blow mislabel more than sixty million Americans, the health risks of being fat as “overweight”, and promote the intent that blubber is a deadly disease.…

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Gracefully Insane: Life and Death Inside America’s Premier Mental Hospital

Product The Boston Globe 76 Pick: An “honest and compelling” story “the Harvard of psychiatric facilities,” and the development of psychiatric treatment. McLean Hospital is one of the most famous, elite, and once the most luxurious psychiatric hospitals in America. The former students include Sylvia Plath, John Forbes Nash, Ray Charles and Susanna Kaysen. saint Taylor was the inspiration for a song or two there, Frederic Law Olmsted designed first and later registered as a patient on the ground. In its “golden age”, as provided for McLean gracious and gentle an environment for the treatment of mental illness as one could imagine. But the golden age is over, and a smaller, downscale McLean is…

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