Complete Cellular Nutrition and Health.

Complete Cellular Nutrition and Health.

Support adult stem cell function, repair damaged DNA, boost immune system, control inflammation, and increase skin collagen.

Optimize Adult Stem Cell Function
Repair Damaged DNA
Boost Immune System
Control Inflammation
Increase Skin Collagen

Attention Health Conscious Friend,

If you are like most, you have always:

* Wanted to be healthy

* Hated being sick

* Wanted to prevent disease

* Been concerned about aging

* Tried the latest vitamins and nutritional products available

Yet so many times, you have been disappointed by the results. Everything you have tried

has never measured up to your expectations.

My name is Allan Kelley of North Carolina, and along with my wife Kim, a Registered Nurse and Breast

Cancer Survivor, we have been enjoying the benefits that come from total cellular nutrition for many

Sure, in the past, we have been like the “average” couple...always interested in

better health and nutrition but never really taking it serious. We took the pills. We

tried the latest juices.

Then we discovered a brand new, breakthrough liquid nutraceutical that has had the most positive

impact on our lives of any nutritional supplement we have ever taken! We feel fantastic!!

This liquid tastes great, and is easy to take. We pour it straight from the bottle and drink it as is.

Occasionally we mix it with water, and sometimes blend it in’s all good!

Just look at a few of the improvements we have experienced...

* More Energy

* More Mental Clarity

* Leveling of Blood Sugar

* Quicker Recovery From Exercise Workouts

* Faster Wound Healing

* Minimizing Seasonal Colds, Flu, & Allergies

* Disease Prevention Peace of Mind

Plus, during Kim''s battle with breast cancer, she saw a tremendous boost to her system

prior to her chemotherapy treatments. Her blood counts and energy levels remained

high through six rounds of chemotherapy spread out over the course of fifteen weeks,

and she even continued working as a home health nurse during nearly all of that period.

She also went through thirty days of radiation treatments

which were very damaging to her skin and breast tissue. Kim was burned, blistered, and peeling over

approximately sixty percent of the treated area. We were going through numerous gauze pads a day!

However, Kim regrew new skin and completely healed inside of two weeks! Talk about a testimony to

the power of cellular repair and regeneration!

Especially since other women receiving treatment at the same time took as long as a month to heal.

But it doesn’t stop there. This cutting edge cellular beverage also has the ability to help:

* Optimize Cellular Health

* Increase the Quality and Quantity of Adult Stem Cells

* Repair Damaged DNA

* Increase Skin Collagen

* Deliver Powerful Antioxidant Support

* Boost Immune System Function

* Support Joint and Bone Health

* Nourish Cellular Longevity

* Encourage Cellular Energy

* Support Heart Health, Adrenal, and Cardiovascular Function

A special type of "source" or "starter" cell that has the ability to grow into adult tissue.

Stem cells are the foundation for every organ, tissue and cell in the human body. Stem cells may be able to repair or replace damaged tissue, thereby reversing diseases and injuries such as cancer, diabetes, cardiovascular disease and blood diseases, to name a few. For example, heart muscle damaged by heart attacks might be replaced by new muscle cells. Source:

"An adult stem cell is a cell that can transform into many different types of cells, such as blood cells, nerve cells, heart cells, lung cells, or pancreatic cells. Adult stem cells are not the same as embryonic stem cells. There are no ethical or moral issues involved in using one''s own stem cells, and there are no concerns about rejection of the cells, since they come from your own body." "Stem cells have the properties to repair and regenerate your tissues."
Dr. R. Smith in "Breakthrough - Eight Steps To Wellness" by Suzanne Somers



* The body starts to break down at a more rapid rate

* Recovery from injury takes longer

* Cholesterol levels start to rise

* Hair begins to gray

* Blood pressure starts to rise

* Fine lines set in

* Cancer risk increases

We are cellular beings, and it is our opinion that the future of health and preventive medicine is cellular repair and regeneration therapy. For example, notice how many news articles and television segments have dealt with adult stem cells and the future benefits that can be achieved through advancements in this area. Bladders, breasts, and hearts have already been regrown through adult stem cell therapy.

If you would like to start experiencing the power and effectiveness of natural liquid cellular nutrition like we have.
If you would like to help stop aging in its tracks.
If you would like to help optimize your own cellular function.
If you would like to increase the quantity and quality of your adult stem cells, and never have to worry about whether you are getting your monies worth out of your daily supplement, then you are in the right place at the right time.

by Optigenex, Inc.

AC-11® Protects and Repairs DNA naturally at the Cellular Level. DNA is the only thing in your body that can repair itself over and over.

AC-11® is a proprietary, patented water-soluble extract of Uncaria Tomentosa, an herb that grows in the Amazon rainforest.

AC-11® is the ONLY product available worldwide containing this unique patented class of CAE actives.

Studies show that the CAE''s in AC-11® significantly enhance the body''s natural ability to repair its own damaged DNA, enhances immune system function, promotes a healthy response to inflammation and improves the appearance of the skin
AC-11® measurably improves collagen production in the skin.

AC-11® has positive Neurogenic effects.

No other Uncaria Tomentosa product can make these claims. No other natural products can make these precise claims. AC-11® is a breakthrough in how we can effectively maintain the integrity of our DNA and a healthy and functional gene expression.

NEOSTEM, Inc., one of the nation’s leading adult stem cell research and harvesting companies has their name and logo right on the bottle.

Plus two of their medical advisory board members Dr. Ron Rothenberg and Dr. Denis Rodgerson, who have spent years studying stem cells, anti-aging, and cellular regeneration, had a huge hand in the development of AIO-Premium Cellular Health. In fact, Dr. Rothenberg and Dr. Rodgerson even published an article in Life Extension Magazine in October 2007 which discusses how specific nutrients optimize adult stem cell function.

One could say that article and corresponding research was the premise and foundation that has ultimately led to the creation of AIO-Premium Cellular Health.

AIO-Premium Cellular Health features a variety of natural ingredients rather than an “overload” of just one. It is the synergy of this unique, proprietary formula that provides the “secret” of AIO-Premium Cellular Health. The specific ingredients and the resulting synergistic effect can repair damaged DNA, optimize the repair, healing, and regenerative functions of your adult stem cells, and provide the potential for wide ranging physical and cellular benefits.

AIO-Premium Cellular Health features extremely high bioavailability so all the ingredients can be readily absorbed into your body. This way you are getting the full benefit of every ounce, not just a small percentage like in many pill supplements.

Therefore the quality and effectiveness of this liquid nutraceutical are unmatched.

* 13,250 mg of whole fruit...that’s more than most Americans get in a week! (more about that below)

* 7 pure fruit purees...not concentrates or extracts

* USP 32 purified water...that’s pharmaceutical grade water for high absorption and bio-availability

* Intelligent Anti-oxidant supplementation

* Vitamin D3 - 750mg per serving… that’s more than in 60 ounces of milk!

* Resveratrol - same amount in one ounce of AIO as in 280 glasses of red wine

* Green Tea - immune defense support, fight free radicals, and prevent oxidative stress

* Niacin - lowers cholesterol, triglycerides, heart attack risk

* Lycopene - proven antioxidant, may help prevent risk of some cancers

* Lutein - necessary for good vision

Pomegranate - High in Vitamin C, B5, Potassium, and antioxidant
Amla - One of the Richest sources of Vitamin C. High in antioxidant
properties. Amla protects cells from free radical damage and has
been shown to be effective against skin disorders, respiratory
infections, and premature aging.
Camu Camu - Low growing shrub from the Amazon rain forest. It is an
orange colored fruit the size of a lemon. It has 30 times the vitamin C,
3 times more niacin, 2 times more riboflavin, and 50% more phosphorus
than the Orange.

Try Your Own 32 Ounce Bottle of
AIO-Premium Cellular Health

Muscle soreness associated with exercise is known as delayed onset muscle soreness or DOMS. DOMS can make it difficult to walk, reduce your strength, or make your life uncomfortable for a couple of days. What is it then that causes DOMS for days after exercise? The answer is swelling in the muscle compartment that results from an influx of white blood cells, prostaglandins (which are anti-inflammatory), and other nutrients and fluids that flow to the muscles to repair the "damage" after a tough workout. The type of muscle damage I am referring to is microscopic (it occurs in small protein contractile units of the muscle called myofibrils) and is part of the normal process of growth in the body called anabolism. It is not the type of damage or injury that you see your doctor about. The swelling and inflammation can build up for days after a workout, and that''s why muscle soreness may be worse two, three, or even four days after a workout (it can take up to five days for muscles to heal completely depending on the intensity of the workout). Remember, there must be microscopic damage to muscle fibers before there can be growth, so if you''re sore, it means there was damage and thus growth must not be far behind.

AIO-Premium Cellular Health has personally helped me in this area. Since Kim''s breast cancer diagnosis, we have been consulting a nutritionist and attending our local fitness center. I have personally been going to the gym a minimum of four times a week and participating in a workout regime that includes both cardio and weight lifting.

AIO-Premium Cellular Health has assisted me with my recovery after my workouts. I believe that the increased quantity and quality of the adult stem cells in my body as a result of taking AIO can be credited for quicker muscle growth and recovery. In addition, the abundance of nutrients and anti-inflammatory properties that exist in AIO-Premium Cellular Health assist in limiting the soreness I feel after workouts.

I suffer from a severe neurological disease called CIDP. It is very debilitating. I’ve had sixteen surgeries on my feet and I’ve been on crutches for over the last four years. But I’ve started taking AIO and it’s been great! The pain in my hands is gone. I’m starting to get feeling back in my feet. It’s been years since I could feel anything in my feet. I take it one to two times a day and it’s just been fantastic. I haven’t found anything that gives me this much help. I’m definitely a full supporter of AIO and the great things it can do. *
Jan, Self-Employed

It’s really been an exciting time for me to be taking the AIO. I’ve noticed some tremendous improvements in my skin clearing up and some problems that I was having with circulation in my feet. And I’m really, really pleased. The pain in my feet is gone and it just makes me feel a lot better. The energy levels have been picking up on me a lot too and I really, really appreciate it. Thank you so much! *
Joe, Retired Military Chaplain

Price out everything that you get in one serving of AIO-Premium Cellular Health and you are likely looking at upwards of $6 per one ounce serving. And what if you want to take it twice a day, like many of us do? You could be spending as much as $12 a day for your nutrition!! That’s $360 a month!

Of course, you can’t put a price on good health or the peace of mind that comes with knowing you are providing your body with significant tools to aid it in its fight against aging, cellular breakdown, and disease. But fortunately for all of us, AIO is not $360 a month. Nor is it $200 a month. In fact, AIO-Premium Cellular Health is only around $1.50 per one ounce serving, making it an extreme value at only $49.95 for a 32 ounce bottle!

What if your testimony was even stronger than those you saw and read earlier? How much better would you feel?

What if those lines and wrinkles started to fade? How much happier would you be?

And what if your body started healing itself like it did when you were a young child? Think of how your quality of life would be improved!

We are so confident that you will experience positive results from

your first bottle of AIO-Premium Cellular Health that we will cover

the shipping cost (US only).

That''s a savings of as much as 25% of the total cost!

An Exclusive, Natural product.

A Patented Ingredient.

Significant Backing and Credibility.Impressive Testimonies.

The Cutting Edge of Cellular Nutrition.

But there’s no time to lose and you must act fast.

Everyday you wait, everyday your loved ones wait, is another day that cellular degeneration occurs. Your cells are breaking down. Your DNA is being damaged by free radicals. Your body is aging, and it is under constant oxidative stress. The time to be proactive is now.

You are just a click away from the future of regenerative medicine.

To claim your 32 ounce of AIO-Premium Cellular Health with FREE SHIPPING (US only), click on the “BUY NOW” button below, and follow the simple instructions for a secure checkout through PayPal.


P.S. One last thing, it''s important. I know even with all this information, science, credibility, and free shipping, you may still be skeptical. And I totally understand. So to even further validate the legitimacy of AIO-Premium Cellular Health, a portion of every purchase goes to the Stem For Life Foundation. The purpose of this foundation is to protect the nation''s first responders (fire, police, military) by assisting them in having collected and stored their own stem cells for potential recovery following national emergencies and war-related injuries. Additionally, the Stem For Life Foundation plans to provide the resources to make adult stem cell collection widely available to chronically ill patients in need of the service but who are unable to pay for it. So not only are you helping yourself with AIO-Premium Cellular Health, but you are also helping those who work and sacrifice to give us all a better life.