Dancing at Blue Heel

Dancing at Blue Heel

Dancing is such a fun way to be active. I love it. Puneet (my DH) not so much, but he will be convinced once I put on my dancing shoes and we get close !

Sujata is great friends with the owners of a local dance studio – Blue Heel, close to where we live. We had a fundraiser a few weeks to raise money for a local women’s shelter and due to Sujata’s persuasion Blue Heel did an amazing performance at the event. After the fundraiser, we were all feeling a little ‘blue’.

It was such an amazing fundraiser – HealthynSkinny was one of the main sponsors and we felt like we wanted to get together again. So our friends at Blue Heel (now we all our friends with Caroline, Fernando and the gang) invited us to a dancing lesson and a thank you for the fundraiser. We learned Merengue, Latin dance, Cha Cha. And we even learned some Indian Bhangra. We had Mehul and Vaishalli do a repeat performance of a Bhangra/Latin fusion song, that they recently performed for her brothers wedding. The whole evening was warm, humorous and fun.

But you don’t have to take dancing lessons in a studio to enjoy dancing. Do it at home anytime. I was just washing the dishes after dinner and I cranked up our Ipod with Pet Shop Boys and Dido. We’ve downloaded all of our CD”s onto the Ipod (well I didn’t really do it, my DH did), but his songs are much more heavy and they tend to get skipped when the kids are around (too rock and roll for them and me). And then we start dancing. As we clean the kitchen, put away the food and get ready for movie nite with the kids – it’s Star Wars 3 tonite. Whistle while you work, it makes it go so much faster!