Here is an example of health diet plans

Here is an example of health diet plans

Nutritional advice – Grill or stir fry meats to drain them of fats. Use unsaturated oils when cooking such as vegetable or sunflower oils. Use natural spices to flavor your food. Only use natural ingredients when making a salad dressing and reduce your salt content to no added salt if possible. There is salt in everything that is stored foods so we don’t need any more.

You can certainly drink a moderate amount of alcohol but remember alcohol contains more calories than most food or fizzy drinks but in moderation you can allow for this in a diet. It is true that a glass of red wine each night benefits the heart so just drink two or three and you will be doing just fine. Anything over that and the health diet plans have gone out the window.

You have to do at least 30 minutes a day of aerobic activity which is measured by your heart rate and other body processes. Fat will only burn while exercising at the aerobic threshold so a light jog or slow run should do the trick.

Fluid is very important to everything in life. Without it we die but before that when we are feeling dehydrated we might be a little dim witted and slow to react. Dehydration can also affect your performance while exercising, it will make you uncoordinated and your heart rate will have to pump harder because your blood has thickened.

Tea and coffee contain tannin which is a diuretic and also hiders the process of some bodily functions like the absorption of calcium. These should be drunk in moderation and not during breakfast when you need a calcium boost.

Complex carbs are the breads and cereals, pasta and rice cakes and so on. These need to be eaten in six servings per day. 1 slice of bread equals 1 serve. Reduce saturated fats from animal products and replace these with plant oils and unsaturated fats. Only a small portion of your diet should be protein, less than 15% but make sure the ladies get enough iron through red meats or supplements.