How do I differentiate between laryngitis and esophageal cancer

How do I differentiate between laryngitis and esophageal cancer

Esophageal cancer

How do I differentiate between laryngitis and esophageal cancer
question:How to distinguish excuse me sore throat and esophagus cancer
anwser:Sore throat

Pathogeny symptom

Sore throat is a kind of disease that causes by the bacterium, can divide for acute sore throat and chronic sore throat two kinds, acute pharyngitis:

Often cause for virus, it is bacterial be caused by next. Wintry spring sees more most. Much afterwards is sent at paranasal sinus of acute rhinitis, acute

Acute tonsil is phlogistic, phlogistic, and often be hives, flu, the complication of the contagion such as scarlet fever. Catch cold catch cold, fatigue,

The stimulation that gets chemical gas or dust for a long time, smoking is excessive wait, reduce human body to fight force, close to its come on easily. Grown

The person is given priority to with pharynx ministry symptom, ministry of the pharynx at the beginning of disease has dry urticant, glowing, have ache gradually, the accentuation when deglutition, salivary grow in quantity,

Pharynx side alls alone be put into trouble has apparent otalgia. Body young adult or children, criterion systemic symptom is remarkable, have have a fever be afraid of cold, first

Painful, inappetence, limb ache.

Chronic pharyngitis: Because acute pharyngitis is treated,basically be not complete and have a relapse instead

Make, turn for chronic, or because contract all sorts of nose disease,be, block of nose a key to do sth, long-term dehisce breathes, and physics, chemical

Cervical and element, radiative cure often stimulate pharynx ministry be caused by. All over all sorts of chronic illnesses, be like anaemic, constipation, below

Respiratory tract is chronic disease of inflammation, heart and vessels also Ke Jifa this disease. Self-conscious pharynx ministry is unwell, dry, urticant, bilge, secrete

Content is much and bright is painful, easy disgusting, the eyewinker feels, of cough up do not go out, those who swallow no less than, above symptom is talking a bit much, over-

After eating excitant food, the accentuation when exhaustion or weather change. Breath and swallow smoke all straightway.

The pathology configuration of inchoate esophagus cancer can be divided for insidious model, erosion, spot piece with lacteal head dummy, among them with spot piece the commonnest, occupy the 1/2 left and right sides of inchoate esophagus cancer.

The symptom of inchoate esophagus cancer has:

(1) swallow stalk choke feeling. The commonnest, can disappear by oneself or have a relapse, do not affect take food, often happen when patient mood is fluctuant, be easily by mistake functional sex symptom.

(2) the He Jian after breastbone dash forward next ache. More see, swallow food from time to tome breastbone hind or sword dash forward below painful, its property can show burn pattern, pinprick appearance or pull draw shape, in order to swallow coarse, glowing or excitant food is most remarkable, first when show intermittence, when cancer swollen invade reach around organization or have when penetrating, can have acuteness and those who last is aching, aching place often agrees not completely with place of the pathological changes inside esophagus, ache can be alleviated temporarily by solution painful agent.