How to Reduce Hyperactivity in Children? Healthy Kids

How to Reduce Hyperactivity in Children?  Healthy Kids

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How to Reduce Hyperactivity in Children?

Hyperactivity is a state in which the body and mind feels the need for excess activity. Hyperactivity may be caused due to several reasons, like a disrupted family atmosphere, certain activities in school, excessive sugar intake etc. Parents with hyperactive kids sometimes are unable to gauge methods to take control of the situation, and hence end up seriously reprimanding the kid. This may not be the most appropriate method to handle the situation, and at times may cause the child to become more adamant and unresponsive.

There are certain methods which may be adopted to keep hyperactivity under control. The first thing to consider is that you should avoid giving your child a sugar rich diet. Any food item containing either direct sugar, or one that is starchy should be avoided. Sugar is required by the body in measured quantities, and hence it should be provided accordingly. Instead, give him a diet rich in proteins.

Encourage your child to join you in breathing exercises. This will not only help calm your child, but, will also equip you for any out of control behavior. Even though your kid may not have a very big attention span but making this into a routine pattern will slowly ensure that your child starts to look forward to this exercise on a daily basis.

Talking about a routine, maintaining a timetable for your daily activities at home will help bring order. Your over active child needs to be brought into a set schedule to keep him from over reacting to any particular activity. Since following of a pattern will be a constant factor in his life, therefore, he will feel secured and safe around his family.

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Maintain a calm atmosphere around the house. Try to keep stress levels around the house at minimum levels. Tranquility helps calm the child and makes him comfortable and confident around his family.

Depending on your child’s age make him write about his feelings. Do not force him to do it, but explain to him how it would help him put to words his thoughts, which he probably cannot share with anyone. Emphasize on the fact that it is his private journal which no one would pry into. Giving your child space to understand his problems is very important.

Last but not the least, if you have more than one kid, then along with you it is essential for all the siblings to also understand the situation. If your other children are unable to grasp the situation, then you may have to take certain preventive measures after consulting your child therapist or family physician.

Hyperactivity is not something that is incurable. Keeping these few pointers in mind will ensure that you are not totally unprepared to handle hyperactive child. However, in case you feel at any point during child rearing that things are going out of control, then please do not hesitate to seek help from a therapist. Hyperactivity may only be the first steps to a bigger mental condition, and you could prevent it from happening by timely acting on your part.

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