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Mental Health  Phobias
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Behavioral Therapy And Agoraphobia
Agoraphobia is not the fear of open spaces, like many think it is. It is instead a disorder that people suffer from when they have a fear of places they cannot quickly escape from. For insta [...]

Common Symptoms Of Agoraphobia
Agoraphobia is often misunderstood. Many people think it is the fear of open spaces. In fact, it is not. It is typically seen as being the fear someone has of places that are often difficult [...]

About Agoraphobia Symptoms
Agoraphobia is perhaps the worst phobia that a person can have. It is the fear of being not only in a social setting, but also with people, themselves. Agoraphobic symptoms do not always hav [...]

The Phobia And Fear Of Meeting New People
Do you have a fear and phobia of meeting new people? Are you somebody who wants everybody to like you? Do you become anxious in a social environment? A couple of years ago, I would have answ [...]

What is Social Phobia
Social phobia, also called social anxiety disorder, involves overwhelming anxiety and excessive self-consciousness in everyday social situations. People with social phobia have a persistent, [...]

Understanding Social Phobia
Do you feel terribly uncomfortable attending social functions? Does your throat feel as if it is closing if you have to speak in front of others? You may be one of the many people who suffer [...]

Phobia Of Speech
This article is about the fear and phobia of speech. Not everybody is able to talk fluently in all situations and for people who aren''t, life can be quite tough. I hope you enjoy reading the [...]

The Fear Of Flying On An Aeroplane
This article is all about the fear of flying in aeroplanes. If you have this fear or phobia, you are not alone. I myself do not exactly enjoy the experience and it was not until I was eighte [...]

Social Phobia/Social Anxiety Disorder
Social phobia or social anxiety disorder is the constant fear of being criticized or evaluated by other people. People who suffer from social phobia are excessively self-conscious to the poi [...]

Commitment Phobia
Commitment phobia is the fear and avoidance of having to commit to anything, relationships in particular. Usually the sufferer will be overly critical of the other partner in the relationshi [...]