Nutrition and Stress

Nutrition and Stress

Nutrition and stress affect each other. If you have adequate nutrition, stress won''t affect your health as much. If you have too much stress, you will deplete certain nutrients in your body.

The basic nutrients that need to be replaced in your body are your B vitamins. It''s good to get a B vitamin supplement with all of the Bs in it.

If you are under stress long enough, you will have problems with the stress gland in the body. This is called the adrenal gland.

The adrenal gland secretes hormones that control many different functions in the body. When these are out of balance, the possibilities sometimes seem endless (they aren''t) as to what could go wrong:

  • Sleep problems
  • Digestive problems
  • Weight gain
  • Testosterone problems
  • Estrogen problems
  • Progesterone problems
  • Increase in allergies
  • Arthritis
  • Memory problems
  • Heart function

Medications can reduce the symptoms, but rarely take care of the source of the problem.

That''s where boosting the immune function of your body comes in. It won''t cure anything, but it will give your body what it needs so it starts functioning better.

And if you need to be on medications, it can make those more effective as well. As long as there are no contraindications.

With regards to nutrition and stress, you often adrenal supplements being recommended. This is mainly seen in the ''natural healer'' or ''alternative medicine'' world. These are either herbs or adrenal extract from animals.

When your adrenals have crashed or are on their way to crashing, an adrenal supplement will help in addition to the B vitamins. Lots of adrenal supplements also have B vitamins in them because they work well together.

Reducing stress means different things for different people. An extrovert might need to get out and do things with people, actively interacting with others. An introvert might need to just sit quietly, meditate, read or do another quiet activity. Neither of these are right or wrong, it''s just how people happen to be wired.

It''s important for you to figure out what you need to reduce stress. It''s also important to realize those you love may need something completely opposite of what you need. To help them take care of their stress, you can realize this and support them in getting what they need.