Partner With Us Today

Partner With Us Today

Friends For Better Health is an educational and philanthropic organization designed to improve the well-being of mankind through sharing well-balanced, Christ centered, health and character building information. We offer our educational and financial support to worldwide, national and local organizations with programs which involve youth in the following areas:

  • International, National and Local Disaster Relief
  • Community Health and Humanitarian Needs
  • Educational grants and projects

We believe in health and educational benefits for everyone. Since these health and character building books are benefiting thousands of families, we wanted to share them at a discount price to all club members. A portion of all proceeds will go to benefit organizations involving youth in the above areas.

Choices, Quick And Healthier Cooking
show how you can prepare healthier meals in 30 minutes or less.

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He Taught Love
simplifies the parables of Christ and makes them relevant to our everyday Christian experience.

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Ministry of Healing
is an informative book on the laws of health, cause of disease, remedies and God''s healing of the soul.

reveals God''s secrets and mysteries of the past, present and immediate future.

God''s Answers
covers over 300 questions and answers on some of the most important topics in the Bible.

Secret Keys
is a multicultural book that shares secrets that help unlock each child''s potential.

Great Controversy
is an informative historical account of God''s use of the church to eliminate evil.

Jesus Friend of Children
is a colorful Bible story book that will stimulate a love for Jesus.

The Cat In The Cage
covers great true life stories with character building solutions.

Enjoy It!
shows you how to change to a healthier life style that rewards you with longer life.

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