Strategic Solutions for the Delivery of Rehabilitative Care

Strategic Solutions for the Delivery of Rehabilitative Care

Corry Memorial Hospital

"Theresa Wubben came to my attention through the auspices of the Pennsylvania Office of Rural Health. We retained Theresa to take a look at our Rehabilitation Department here at Corry Memorial Hospital. We selected her based on her education and her varied experience in numerous settings.

Theresa conducted an extensive review of our Department including financial, statistical, human resources and operational issues.

She then provided a very thorough analysis of the areas, but more importantly gave us many specific suggestions to improve our business line. Theresa goes out of her way to provide information and research areas of interest to the client.

She also was very conscious of the economical constraints of rural hospitals in pricing her services.

I would certainly recommend Theresa if you are considering hiring a consultant to analyze and assist with your therapy operations."

Barbara E Moore R.N., C.O.O. Corry Memorial Hospital, PA

Program Development

Washington Hospital, PA

"Our hospital was in the planning phase of opening a 70,000 foot Wellness Center Facility which would also house our Outpatient Rehab Services. Part of the facility was to be dedicated as an aquatic area with an Olympic sized lap pool, warm water therapy pool and large spa/Jacuzzi. During the initial planning phases I contacted Terri to gain information and knowledge in how to best design our therapy pool. She had extensive experience in aquatics and was very helpful in assisting with key aspects regarding the physical layout of this area in order to meet the needs of our patient population as well as our fitness center members. As our facility neared completion, I again contacted Terri to inquire about staff education as well as related aquatic programming. She developed and delivered an excellent land and water based curriculum for the staff based upon the principles of aquatics physical therapy. Her in-services were very comprehensive and well received by our staff with classroom education as well as hands-on in-pool instruction. It was exciting, innovative and deeply appreciated by our therapists as they learned how to use their physical therapy skills in this new type of environment. During this entire process from the initial planning, development and final implementation, Terri worked within our budgetary constraints. Our aquatic program has continued to grow and expand over the years, becoming a very profitable part of our service line. Terri helped us establish a very strong foundation in this venture which was necessary in order to deliver a top quality program for our patients and our community."

Sue Alrutz, Director of Rehabilitation Washington Hospital, PA

Excela Health

"Terri Wubben was an excellent conductor in our orchestration for the Stroke Center at Excela Health. There was no stone left unturned when it came to designing the Neuroscience Center at Latrobe Hospital. The patients and their families will benefit from her work. She exemplifies all of the qualities it takes to be a director of this program. Terri is kind and compassionate not only to our patients but to the staff as well. She is able to mentor staff in such a way as to bring out the best in them. Terri is greatly missed at Excela Health by her staff however her presence will be forever felt in the Neuroscience Center."

Darlene Koricich, Stroke Coordinator, Excela Health, PA

Staff Development

Health South Rehabilitation Hospital of Greater Pittsburgh

"Terri diligently and successfully mentored me from student to new grad to team leader and eventually to manager. Her willingness to share her knowledge served to develop my professional career. Terri set the example for leadership which I still emulate today. Through Terri''s leadership, assistance with problem solving on projects, and guidance with dealing with varied personalities, I was able to successfully step into a position I never expected."

Julie Karda, Physical Therapist, (formerly affiliated with Health South Rehabilitation Hospital of Greater Pittsburgh)


"Terri is a dynamic manager. Very effective with good balance of strategic and practical thinking. She envisioned, organized and led the development of a center for Neurological Services at Excela Health. Terri has a positive attitude and makes work look like a lot of fun."

Otto Salguero, PhD, Chief Information Officer, Excela Health, PA