The 7 best fruit for fruit diet

The 7 best fruit for fruit diet

Fruit Diet - A healthy and optimal way for your diet

Fruit, is a daily essential intake to every healthy woman. We all know that eating fruit everyday can help us look slimmer. However, there is still a doubt that what sort of fruit would actually help losing weight? Could we have too much of those? Why haven''t I lost any weight even I keep having fruit everyday? Is there any weight loss product contains the material that is based on fruit? Let''s find out the truth about fruit and learn about top 7 fruits for your slim diet plan.


Calories 50 Kcal / 100g

Back in years ago, there is a weight loss solution in place base on apple and it had once become extremely popular! Apple indeed is one of the most popular fruit in the fruit diet world. It is rich in Pectin and it helps intestines with toxin works well together. It hence speeds up the detox process as well as reducing the intake of calories. Beside, apple is rich in Potassium, it could help preventing the issue of leg swelling. If you chew a piece of apple slowly and let it slowly release the composition, it would give you a satisfaction of fullness and it is also low in calories.

Selection: When you choose an apple, you should pick the one that is big to medium size, thin and shinny on skin, crisp, sweet and juicy. No trace of any bits from insert or bumps.

Wash: Once the apple has been washed with clean water, add a bit of salt on the epidermis and then rub it back and forth with both hands. In this way, the dirt on the apple would be cleaned off. Clean it with water afterward, the apple is fresh and ready to be eaten.

Store: Apple should be stored in an low temperature but in humidity environment. You could put it in a plastic bag and stored it in a Refrigerator. Once the apple is cut open, it will turn brown due to the effect of oxidation. This problem could be sorted by putting it into salt water for about 15 minutes. Alternatively, add few drops of lemon juice on the cut surface, it would then stop it turns brown.

Tips: eat the apple including the skin.

The majority of pectin is gathering on the apple skin. Pectin could help bowel movement. It could also help the body to absorb fluid when diarrhea happens, hence increase the hardness of the bowel. If you have a constipation symptom, therefore, have the apple with the skin on. If diarrhea happens, increase the intake of apple skin will even have a better result.

A medium size apple contains only 60 to 100 kcal, no fat and sodium free. Therefore, apple is the best food for the fruit diet recipe. Lose weight by eating apple, it would take only 3 days to lose weight...

Three days apple diet

If you are really over-weight and would like to try this apple diet method for once only then it is impossible to achieve the result that you might expect. The best approach is to try this fruit diet method once every two months until body weight achieve the ideal level...


Calories 35.3 kcal / 100g

The acid within the grapefruit helps to increase the amount of acid that our stomach produces. It accelerates the digestion process and hence nutrition could be absorbed easily. The reason of grapefruit to be one of the most popular fruit diet in the diet world is it is rich in vitamin C, one grapefruit contains 100mg of vitamin C, it prevents fatigue and improves the condition of skin! Most importantly, it contains very less sugar. The richness in vitamin C would be the best supplement for the body during the diet period. A lot of girl dislikes the taste of sour in grapefruit. My tip is to add a few drops of honey onto the grapefruit. It will immediately reduce the sourness.

Selection: the heavier the grapefruit is, the richer in water.

Tips: contraindication of eating grapefruit
First of all, patients have cold deficiency in health, lower blood pressure and ''cold stomach illness'' are not suitable to eat grapefruit. Secondly, do not eat grapefruit before taking any medicine for angina, low blood pressure, low blood fat, anti-histamine, etc. It is because grapefruit contains flavone which could inhibit the metabolism of the drug for liver issues, it would enhance the efficacy of the drug and lead to dangerous. For the safe side, therefore, it should wait for at least 2 hours after taking the medicine before eating grapefruit. Finally, Grapefruit is high in potassium, patients with uremia and dialysis should try not to eat it in order to avoid adding any more burdens onto the kidneys.

Grapefruit Diet was a popular and respectful fruit diet recipe for the female in the western countries back in 30 years ago. A study recently found that this diet method did have its unique effect for weight loss...


Calories 24 kcal / 100g

The sour taste of lemon is mainly caused by the Citric acid. Citric acid is an essential material to enhance metabolism and reduce fatigue. The amount of Vitamin C within a lemon is well known to be high. For those who care about their beauty usually use it for whitening skin. It also has the function to enhance the movement of intestine. Therefore, lemon is often used for one of the ingredient of the slimming recipe!

Selection: The body of the lemon should be hard, bright color on the outside and the color of the end should be in fresh green. If has an aromatic smell then it meant that it’s fresh. If the body is soft, the end bit seems dying and the skin appears in wrinkle, it will then mean that it was left for too long and has lost its original flavor.

Cutting method: Cut about 2 cm off the skin from top to the end of the lemon or cut about 2/3 cm from the top then around the body in spiral all the way to the end, just like peeling apple or pear skin.

Store: Cut the lemon into thin slices and soak them in water. The water ideally to be warm because it will help storing more nutrients within the lemon.

Tips: Lemon and Milk cannot be eaten together
Lemon is very sour so it should not be eaten on its own. It can be added onto salads or some cold dishes. Lemon cannot be drunk together with milk. For those who have issues with their stomach are advised not to drink lemon tea. You should not eat too much lemon in once or the citric acid within the lemon will damage your teeth.

As we all known, lemon is a kind of fruit that rich in vitamin C. A lot of people would eat it for beauty purposes. In fact, it could help weight loss if the material contained in lemon after being allocated properly...


Calories 91 kcal / 100g

Bananas is rich in dietary fiber, vitamin A, potassium, etc. It is particularly good for the digestive system, muscles strengthening and defecation. If those who often suffer constipation and dry skin condition, this fruit which could help you become thin and beautiful is definitely for you! Moreover, the main component of banana is carbohydrate which can be immediately digested and be quickly released for giving strength for the human body. On top of that, banana can give satiety to the stomach. You only need to eat one banana to fill your stomach. It is low in calories. Therefore, do not think it’s not good for weight loss diet only because of its sweetness.

Selection: Choose the banana with golden skin. The marks on the outer skin are not obvious. The body should be hypertrophy and blunt, smooth in the end and smell fruity.
Wash: Even for bananas, you also need to wash it thoroughly with water in order to make sure the pesticide residues on the skin are completely removed. It is particularly important to pay attention on the cleanliness while you are using banana to make juice.

Store: Keep the bananas in between 50F and 68F degree which is the most suitable temperature. If the temperature is too high then it might make the banana to be over-matured and hence lead to a change of color. If the temperature too low, it will lead to a bad effect due to the shifting of the temperature. Therefore, keep the bananas in a cool place on a hot day and wrap them in newspaper etc. during the cold weather. Mind you! Remember not to put them in the refrigerator!

Tips: Best not to eat banana with an empty stomach

In general speaking, bananas can be seen eaten as a meal but you should not eat too much in one go while you have an empty stomach. It is because banana contains a lot of potassium, phosphorus and magnesium. For a normal human body, high intake of potassium and magnesium can cause imbalance of sodium and calcium within the body and is thus bad for health.

There are mainly two aspects of banana diet. One is to take the advantage of its high in fiber so in order to help getting rid of the stools in the body. It can lubricate the role of the stomach and moisturize the colon. Another aspect for banana diet is that it can produce a more long lasting sense of satiety...


Calories 56 kcal / 100g

Kiwi is extremely rich in vitamin C and it has been the favorite of every beauty. It is the king of fruit while come to rich in fiber and potassium. Kiwi also has a large number of proteolytic enzymes, therefore, it’s ideal to be an mixed ingredient with any meat dishes. The slightly sweet and sour taste of kiwi can prevent constipation, helps digestion, weight loss and maintain beautiful skin. Moreover, it is produced all year round so that you could have it anytime you like!

Selection: Full in shape and has dense hair on the skin is preferred. For determining the maturity of a kiwi, you can base on the richness of the smell as well as the softness of the end. If the end of the fruit is soft then it means that it’s mature enough and ready to be eaten. However, if the body of the fruit became soft then it means it is overripe.
Wash: Rub a little bit of salt and flush it with water.

Store: Keep it in a cool room temperature. If it is still hard then you can put it together with apples, bananas and then ripe them within a plastic bag. Alternatively, keep it in a room temperature and wait for it to be matured for about 2-3 days. For the kiwi which is already mature, you should keep it refrigerator for 2-3 weeks.

Tips: For those who suffer severe anemia should not eat kiwi

Kiwi fruit is categorized a ‘cold’ kind of fruit. It is likely to cause diarrhea, therefore, for those who suffer gastrointestinal Deficiency, cold limbs, severe anemia, recurrent diarrhea should not eat kiwi. Kiwi high potassium, it is renal failure, uremic or dialysis should not eat thereof.

You should not under value of those little fluffy kiwis. It is low in calories and has 14 nutrients within a quality fruit, especially vitamin C and calcium. It can be seen as king among all fruits.The daily recommended intake of nutrients that a kiwi has can win the championship of the king of fruit diet...


Calories 25 Kcal / 100g

Strictly speaking, tomato should be categorized as a kind of vegetable! Therefore, we could always see this ingredient in the menu. Moreover, a tender tomato takes better! Tomato contains lycopene, dietary fiber and pectin content which could reduce the calorie intake and increase gastrointestinal motility. The unique taste of sourness could stimulate the secretion of gastric juices. It could even add flavor of the food, a very good ingredient for healthy eating!

Selection: Good tomato should be hard, round, elastic, mature, red or yellow in color and glossy preferred.

Wash: Clean the tomato under running water and use a cloth to lightly brush the surface of the tomato at the same time. It could effectively remove the pesticide residues.

Store: For the immature tomato, put it indoor and let it turn mature slowly. For the mature tomato, it should be stored in a fridge.

Tips: Green tomato could lead to food poison.
If you eat an immature green tomato, you would feel a sense of bitter within your mouth. You might also feel your stomach turn, sick and even have food poison. If you eat it raw, it could make it worse and even more dangerous.

Due to the fact that tomato contains no fat and is low in sugar, it’s idea to have tomato instead of snack in order to satisfy your appetite. It is not only for weight loss, but it contains vitamins and lycopene which help maintaining a health and to against illness at the same time.


Calories 29.2 Kcal / 100g

Have you ever heard that people say pineapple is "Sharpe", therefore, you have to make sure to eat it after meal in order to avoid stomach upset. This theory is actually true! It is because the enzyme protein within a pineapple is rather strong. Although it helps the digestion of protein from meats, it is very likely to cause stomach upset if you eat it before meals! Therefore, you will have to pay more attention to the timing of eating if you want to lose weight by eating pineapple.

Selection: The shape of a good and fresh pineapple should be in plump, strong and straight. Skin should be mature and in golden orange color. It should been rich in fragrance and there should not be any juice spills out from the bottom center of pineapple.

Cutting Method: Cut the pineapple 1 / 3 inch below the leaves and then clean the pineapple leaves thoroughly so that it can be used for decoration. Turn the pineapple around and cut the bottom part. Put the pineapple straight on the chop board, cut the pineapple skin along with the curvy shape with a knife to remove the skin. Once all the skin has been completely removed, cut the pineapple from the middle then cut it in to 4 portions in equal size. Cut and remove the seeds in each pineapple quarter and then cut it into pieces in suitable size.

Wash: Cut the pineapple into slices or pieces and soak them in salt water for 30 minutes. Wash away the salt afterward. It will effectively eliminate the allergic substances.

Tips: Fresh pineapple must be soaked in salt water before eaten
1. Pineapple contains glycosides, pineapple protease, 5 serotonin and other materials that can stimulate skin and oral mucosa. Some people were born to be allergies in pineapple. They will be having abdominal pain, nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea 15 minutes to 1 hour after eating pineapple. There might be some allergy symptoms such as headache, dizziness, skin flushing, and even pass out due to the suffering from toxic. In these circumstances, we must immediately stop eating the pineapple.

2. Soaking the pineapple into salt water does not only remove the astringency of pineapple in order to bring out the sweetness, it can also destroy the pineapple enzyme protease contained in a pineapple. Although this sort of protease does not contain any toxic, however, it can cause allergic reactions to some people (This sort of allergic reaction sometime can be called as the "Pineapple disease"). Therefore, by soaking the pineapple in salt water can destroy this enzyme in order to avoid allergies.

3. The main symptoms of "Pineapple disease" are: 15-60 minutes after eating pineapple, symptoms such as abdominal pain, vomiting, diarrhea, dizziness, skin flushing, itching, limbs and tongue tingling, or even worse, breathing difficulties or pass out. Once the above symptoms occur, you should immediately go to hospital for treatment.

Pineapple is not just a kind of fruit that can provides slimming effect, but also have effect on health in various ways. You will have to take a look at how many ways that pineapple can provide...