What Being Over Weight Cost Me

What Being Over Weight Cost Me

If you are like me, you''ve tried every diet ever invented. I''ve personally delved into everything from diet pills to the 6 day grapefruit diet. I''ve tried eating only steaks and eggs. I''ve tried Weight Watchers and Nutri Systems. I even tried not eating. With each diet I started, I would always end up even more frustrated, more depressed and feeling more deprived than I was before.

Along with every unsuccessful weight loss attempt I experienced, I was determined there must be some medical reason for my personal failures. I hypothesized that maybe I had a slow metabolism which prevented me from ever losing weight. Maybe the reason I couldn''t get my weight off was simply due to the work of my ancestors. They had passed down that “fluffy'' gene which prohibited me from ever being thin. Perhaps the reason I couldn''t lose weight was due to the fact that I wasn''t eating enough. (I always liked this one.) Or maybe I had an underactive thyroid and that prevented me from being successful in the weight loss game.

Needless to say, I concocted every excuse I could think up to justify why I was unable to have true weight loss success. I would wonder if I''d ever be able to get my weight off. I used to daydream of what it would be like to not be self conscious about my figure. Would I ever be able to just go out and enjoy myself without first pre judging what sort of outfits and activities would be required? Always, before accepting any social invitation, I''d first determine whether or not I''d have to wear shorts or if I could get away with pants and heaven forbid, a bathing suit be required for the activity. If that were the case, I''d definitely have to turn down the invitation .

I think back now on how much being over weight influenced how I lived my life. There were so many fun activities I turned down because I felt like I might look bad. There were also many situations that I was in, and because of the way I felt about my body, I wasn''t able to fully enjoy myself. I was constantly feeling self conscious and depressed about not being able to lose weight, which in turn gave way to me feeling like I just wanted to eat even more. Food was the only comfort I had and after I''d indulge myself in items like an entire bag of cookies, a gallon of ice cream or a whole stick of cookie dough, I was left feeling even more depressed and absolutely hopeless!

Finding a Solution

Me Right Before Trying These Products

My desperation to lose weight, regardless of the risks, overpowered my better judgement and I started taking prescription diet pills. At first I lost several pounds, but it was the energy boost that got me hooked. I took this deadly prescription for two years. I never got my weight under control, nor did I learn healthy eating habits. Instead, I became addicted to the mood enhancing aspect of the pills and the thought of quitting them cold turkey made me very nervous. I was afraid that when I got off them, I''d balloon up, eat everything in the refrigerator and go through a deep depression. At that time, I was also on medication for asthma, allergies, a stomach ulcer and depression. I literally didn''t know if I was coming or going. Nevertheless, I was committed to getting off this diet pill prescription and finding a healthy way to lose this weight and feel like a normal person again.

When I first heard about these products, I was skeptical, a lot like you are. I read an advertisement and it said these products were natural, guaranteed and Dr. Recommended. All three of these aspects eased my suspicion. I thought to myself, if these products are natural, they''d most likely be a whole lot better for me than that prescription. I went on to the guarantee- my thoughts on that were, “Good, when these products don''t work I''ll just get my money back.'' And knowing that they were Dr. recommended gave me more confidence that this wasn''t just some silly person brewing up some concoction in their tub! Basically, I thought I''d give them a shot. What did I have to lose, I had tried everything else, why not give this a try, too.

The Results

The day I started on these products, I felt a tremendous increase in my energy, my mind seemed clearer and for the first time in a long time, I didn''t dream of pulling into every drive through I passed. A funny thing happened, I started craving fruit and vegetables instead of my regular diet of chocolate and cheeses. This entire experience was new to me and I loved it, but like the pessimist I can be, I was wondering how long something like this would really last. I thought for sure it would pass very soon.

But it didn''t pass. I just felt better as the days ticked by. Within the first three weeks of being on these products, with the approval of my doctor, I got off my asthma medication, my allergy medication, my ulcer medication and the anti-depressants. I went on to lose 18 pounds and 23 inches in 45 days. I went from a size 9-10 to a 3-4 in a month and a half and I kept the weight off for 2 1/2 years. For the first time, I found control around food. Food no longer rules me. I found the most unbelievable experience of health and vitality. I no longer have the depression I used to feel daily and I truly have the freedom and energy to really enjoy my life.

I have since gone through 2 pregnancies on these products. I took the health products throughout both pregnancies and I felt fabulous! During both pregnancies, I gained a significant amount of weight- 65 pounds. I wasn''t nervous about not being able to take it off afterwards because I knew I had the weight loss products to help me again.

On both occasions, after I delivered tremendously healthy babies, I was able to take the weight off within 4 months. I took the weight loss products while I was nursing the babies and was able to get back into my size 4''s , no problem!

These products have given me my life back. I shutter to think were I might be today if I hadn''t simply tried them. Do the same...give them a try!

You''ve tried it all, now try something that works!

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