What is considered a full-time schedule for a travel nurse?

What is considered a full-time schedule for a travel nurse?
  1. How long do the assignments usually last?

    Assignments can be as little as 13 weeks and run as long as multiple years. It''s all up to you.

  2. What kinds of facilities will I be working in?

    You have the choice to work at all kinds of facilities. Whether you feel at home at a community hospital, a teaching facility or a small rural hospital, we''ve got a place for you.

  3. Can I learn about the facility beforehand?

    Of course! Through the internet and our orientation packet, you will be well acquainted with your new facility.

  4. What is considered a full-time schedule for a travel nurse?

    Full time for an AN&H travel nurse is anything more than 36 hours a week.

  5. How long before I can start my first assignment?

    You can begin as soon as your paperwork is complete!

  6. How much will I be earning?

    Take comfort in knowing that your AN&H recruiter gets you the top possible pay. Your pay rate is dependent on a few factors. Your level of skill and the location of your assignment are large factors in how much you earn while on assignment.

  7. Do you offer direct deposit?

    Yes! Never worry about having to track down your bank again!

  8. Will I have a personalized AN&H agent?

    At AN&H, you won''t be shuffled around. You will have a personal agent who will help you every step of the way.

  9. What do I do if I run into a problem on an assignment?

    If you ever run into a problem, just call your personal agent and he or she will be happy to help you.

  10. Will someone from AN&H be available around the clock?

    Always. Every hour of every day, we are here for you. Even holidays, no exceptions.

  11. Where will I be living?

    AN&H provides a clean, safe, beautifully furnished private apartment near your facility, so you don''t have to worry about strange roommates or long commutes. This private housing is available to you on your first assignment, so don''t wait to bring along your accordion and talking parakeet!

  12. What if I decide I don''t want to use company housing?

    No problem. If you decide you don''t want to use our housing, we won''t be offended. Instead, we will give you a housing subsidy.

  13. How many different areas of the country do I have to choose from if I go with AN&H?

    Oh, the places you can go! We offer assignments in all 50 states. So pack your bags and make sure you have plenty of film. Your adventures are just beginning…

  14. When will my living arrangements be made?

    Your arrangements will be made as soon as all your compliance documents are received. Then you can plan how you want to decorate your new pad.

  15. How early do you recommend that I move in?

    We recommend that you move in the Friday before your assignment begins. That way you can unpack and go exploring your new surroundings.

  16. Who pays for my travel expenses?

    We do! You didn''t think we would send you across the country and have you foot the bill, did you? Of course not! We will offer you a travel stipend.

  17. Can I take my kids or my pets with me?

    Of course! If you would like to bring your family or pets along there will be an additional cost to upgrade your housing. So pile the kiddies and Fido into the car and go discover America!

  18. Is it possible for a friend and me to take an assignment together?

    Sure! Lots of our travelers choose to travel together. Nothing helps people adapt to a situation better than a familiar face.

  19. Will my apartment or house be close enough to the facility where I''ll be working?

    Yep! No long commutes or interstate traffic jams for you.

  20. Who pays for my utilities?

    We will give you $75 dollars towards your utility bill a month. So you should be fine unless you decide that your favorite method of cooling down your apartment is by having the thermostat permanently set at 32 degrees.

  21. How do I keep up with my mail?

    You can have your mail forwarded or you can have a friend or family member back home collect it all and send it to your new pad.

  22. What do you recommend I do about my banking if I move every few months?

    We recommend that you take advantage of our direct deposit option and use your ATM card. That way you can access your money wherever you are across the country.

  23. What happens when I complete an assignment?

    Whatever you want. You can choose to stay on if there is an opening at the facility, you can line up another assignment, or you can go home. It''s all up to you.

  24. If I like a place, can I stay?

    If they need you, of course you can stay!

  25. What about different licensing requirements in different states?

    Each state has different rules and regulations. If it is a ''compact state,'' then you don''t need a new license. But if you choose to work in a state that requires a new license, we''ll be sure to let you know and assist you with licensure. Please view our list of license requirements by state.

  26. What kinds of insurance do you offer?

    We offer you many forms of insurance. From health, dental, and vision insurance to Workman''s Comp, we make sure that we cover you from all angles.

  27. What about malpractice insurance?

    Yes, we offer you malpractice insurance! Just another way that we strive to prove that AN&H cares about you!

  28. What kinds of bonuses or rewards am I eligible for?

    As our way of thanking our dedicated travelers, we offer numerous bonus and reward programs. From ''Stay-awhile'' bonuses to loyalty rewards, we make it a point to ensure that you get the gravy on your potatoes, so to speak.

  29. What do I get if I refer a colleague to AN&H?

    If you have a friend you think would make a great Medical Staffing Network traveler, you could be making some serious cash! With every referred friend that completes their first assignment with us, we''ll give you $250! With all that cash, you can treat your friends to lunch! Alright...maybe not.

  30. Will I be the first one to be sent home if things are slow, or is my pay guaranteed?

    No drawing straws here. If you work full time (36 hours a week), we make sure that you have guaranteed hours and guaranteed pay!

  31. What other benefits do you offer? 401(k)? How soon before I''m vested?

    Ah, retirement will be grand! You are eligible for our 401(k) program after just one month of working with us. We offer matching contributions of 50 cents on the dollar and you are fully vested after 5 years!

  32. As a traveling nurse, why should I go with AN&H as opposed to any other medical staffing firm?

    We at HCSP we strive to offer you the best of everything! We are not just recruiters, we are your friends. From the best benefits and pay to our personalized care, we prove that everything we do, it''s all about you.