t.g.i. fridays nutrition facts?

t.g.i. fridays nutrition facts?

t.g.i. fridays nutrition facts?

does anyone know where i could find the nutrition facts for the kids menu at firdays? i looked on their website and couldnt find anytthing?

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You won’t find it easily but there are some sites like http://www. dietfacts. com/fastfood. asp that contain some info.

In the US, restaurants do not have to make public nutritional information. Many do but there’s no legal requirement.

Interesting enough, more of the fast food places publish nutritional information than the “convenience” establishments.

My advice is to assume that whatever you’re getting is going to be loaded with fats and calories — which is where most of the rich taste comes from. Although that isn’t bad in and of itself, it does mean that you’ll have to pay particular attention to portion control (see reference).

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