Begin Preventing Hair Loss Today With This List Of Natural Remedies

Begin Preventing Hair Loss Today With This List Of Natural Remedies

The almost totality of hair loss cases, around 90%, are directly correlated with male hormones (testosterone) issues and hereditary factors. The result is always the same: a progressive degeneration of the hair follicle, that will cause the hair to fall but not to regrow as it would normally happen. chemical and artificial hair fall cures are often effective, but in many cases can cause undesired side effects. That is why many people prefer to seek help for their problems in nature. With this short article we would like to help you finding some unusual natural treatments for preventing hair loss and promoting regrowth.

Firstly, as a general guideline, every doctor and specialist will tell you to keep a healthy lifestyle, that is a well balanced diet, a good personal care, and a low level of stress, since the lack of any of the aforementioned factors is known to contribute to hair loss, along with the abuse of aggressive chemicals for hairstyling.

We’d like to point out that the natural solutions we offer you will not replace a healthy lifestyle, and that you will see some noticeable effects with time, not immediately, because nature just doesn’t work that way.

1. Scalp massage with three types of oil

Massage your head once a day for a couple of days, using these three different kinds of oil: olive, castor, and wheat sprout. Use lukewarm oil and leave a warm towel on your head for about 30 minutes after each massage, then rinse thoroughouly with warm water.

2.Increase blood flow

Standing on your head can improve your blood flow. This is really important since blood flow feeds the hair follicles.

3. Eat food containing biotin

Green pea, nuts, brown rice, seeds, and walnut, are all rich in biotin. Biotin naturally helps preventing hairloss.

4. Minerals

You should assume zync and other mineral-rich aliments everyday, since zinc is notoriously known for building and regaining body tissue and cells. A normal daily dose of zinc is about 15 milligrams.

Iron is very important as well, bacause it carries the oxygen to the body cells. Lack of iron could result in hair loss. An adult should assume about 18 milligrams of iron daily. fruit, green vegetables and red meat are all rich in iron.

5. Plants Saw Palmetto

This is a little palm tree growing along the beaches of north america, that is been scientifically proven to help in preventing and stopping hair loss.

6. Avoid using chemical materials

If you’re not been prescribed medicaments and hair loss chemical remedies by a specialist, avoid using these drugs, since an allergic reaction could just make the situation worse.

7. Lucerne

Lucerne is very rich with minerals. You can buy it as a powder, and have one spoon mixed with fresh carrot juice.

This list of natural solutions has sure helped many people; but it’s just a start. Keep looking around, find info, try different solutions and you will in the end discover the right naural cure for hair loss and you will have done it using just natural resources.

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