The early symptom of arthritis is actually made up of more than one symptom. In my research on arthritis the early symptoms of this disease are important to know, for everyone. The reason we should all know the symptoms of this disease is because it is estimated that 40 million Americans and 80 percent of persons older than 75 years are affected by arthritis. Also, the diagnosis of arthritis is largely clinical because x-ray findings do not always agree with symptoms. My goal is to discuss natural ways in relieving early symptom of arthritis.Also, to reveal insight into arthritis diets and their role in possibly preventing the onset of arthritis. Initially though the actual symptoms of arthritis will be uncovered.

What Are The Causes Of Arthritis?

To first understand the early symptom of arthritis we should know the causes of this disease. The exact cause of arthritis is not fully understood. It’s believed that multiple factors such as (heredity, trauma, diet, and obesity) interact to cause this disorder. Furthermore, any event that has the potential to change the environment of the chondrocyte ( the cells involved in making cartilage) has the potential to cause arthritis.

The cause of arthritis involves a combination of mechanical, cellular, and biochemical processes. Next, the interaction of these processes leads to changes in the composition and mechanical properties of the articular cartilage. Cartilage is composed of water, collagen, and proteoglycans. In healthy cartilage, continual internal remodeling occurs as the chondrocytes replace macromolecules lost through degradation.

I found out this process becomes disrupted in arthritis, leading to increased degenerative changes and an abnormal repair response. Also, arthritis diets potentially have the ability to prevent the onset of arthritis. The research being conducted on my part is still being put together. Although, There is a strong link between eating processed foods, and foods that cause an autoimmune response inside the body. As a result, the immune system starts to breakdown the cartilage in our joints.

What Are Common Risk Factors For Arthritis?

Common risk factors are a very important component of early symptom of arthritis. I’ve listed some common risk factors below.

· Typically starts around 30, but can appear from age 8 to 80 years of age.

· Obesity ( weight-bearing joints )

· History of Immobilization.

· Injury to the Joint.

· Joint Hypermobility or Instability.

· Prolonged Occupational or Sports Stress.

· Diet. The types of fat and foods we consume may have an influence.

The early symptom of arthritis is uncovered in this site, so we can verify who has this debilitating disease.


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