Q. I have a computer in our reception area at the moment. Can I use this for the Fitness Channel as well as do word processing and reception work?

A. Yes provided you have a recent version of Windows (2000, XP etc) and the storage (20-30 gigs) and graphics handling capacity (some form of graphics card is recommended – the more recent the better). We recommend that you download the trial and test it. There is no limitation in terms of the software which we provide to run the service the only limitation is your available hardware.

Q. Do I have to buy my equipment from The Fitness Channel?

A. No we do not sell equipment. The service runs on standard computing equipment. If you want us to recommend a supplier who has installed equipment for this service before please email here for details and we will put you in touch for a quote including installation if required.

Q. I want to put ten flat screens around my practice what would I need?

A. In an ideal situation ten flat screen monitors, ten flat mounting brackets, vga splitters, ten lengths of monitor cable, one dedicated computer with graphics card, broadband internet access on all the time. (cost?)

Q. Can I turn off my broadband service and if I do what will happen?

A. Nothing if you turn off during normal office hours. However the channel schedule assumes that it can download the clips it requires during the night. If the Internet connection is off it will catch up when it is turned on but will slow down your normal processing speed whilst it catches up. Items delivered offline like the news tickers could be delivered late and if advertising is sold it might not be delivered on time – we recommend that you leave the service on all the time to avoid timing problems. Most computers fail when they are turned off or on due to the power surge. Your computer and router will last longer without failure if you leave it on all the time. It is a false economy to turn today’s computers off to save the electrical costs which are marginal compared to a hard drive or system failure cause by the power surge.