Four Reasons Not To Skip Breakfast

Four Reasons Not To Skip Breakfast

If you have consistently been skipping that morning bowl of oatmeal, then you might actually be doing your body a considerable amount of harm. A nutrition filled breakfast could actually help in managing your weight, lowering your risk of diseases and conditions like heart disease and diabetes; and it can also increase your productivity.

Don’t believe me? Read on to find out the reasoning behind this.

1. It Will Pack In The Nutrients:

Morning food is said to be higher on essential nutrients. The list includes minerals, vitamins, proteins and fiber. For instance, it is extremely simple to try and get a generous dose of fiber from slow-cooked oatmeal or from whole-grain breakfast cereals. Fiber will help in protecting your heart and will also help lower the levels of cholesterol. It is an established fact that fiber helps in the process of digestion; and it will also help the body in absorbing nutrients more effectively.

Why not to skip breakfast

A glassful of OJ will help you in acquiring a good amount of calcium that helps in bone-building; and also is high on the Vitamin C. The smarter choices for breakfast would include cereal that is high on fiber, or some oatmeal of breads. Try and ensure that each serving has about five grams of fiber. Do not forget to try and include a serving of protein. So throw in a hard-boiled egg and some nut butter. According to the American Heart Association, women should get no more than one hundred calories in the day, when it comes to added sugars; and in the case of men, the number shouldn’t go beyond 150. Keeping these numbers under control should help in keeping diabetes and heart disease at bay.

2. The Energy Boost:

You should try and eat something in the morning; because it will help you boost your metabolism. This will provide you with that energy reserve needed, in case you need to exercise later in the day. This will definitely help you to keep your weight at bay. If you have a 12 hour gap between meals, your body will not have any carbohydrates reserve left. This will end up making you seem fatigued and famished at all times. This matter comes into play even more if you want to indulge in an early morning workout. For exactly this reason, you will need to replenish the energy reserves that you have burned off early in the morning. If you do not have a meal post-workout, then how will you replace those carbs? This will make you even more sluggish and your metabolism will take a dip. This would mean that you’ll end up burning fewer calories than you would under normal circumstances.

3. Feel Fuller For Longer:

Every time I skip breakfast, I feel the incessant urge to have a doughnut by the time the clock strikes 11. If you miss this crucial meal of the day, it will put you at a risk of obesity. It is natural for you to crave for a mid-morning meal; but in most cases, this craving, unfortunately, is for that of high-calorie foods. This could also be owed to the fact that these high calorific foods like doughnuts are easily available in the office or at the restaurants that dot the area around your office. If you eat a breakfast that satisfies your appetite, it can keep you feeling fuller for longer; and that would mean that you’d be able to pass over those high-calorie snacks later in the morning.

4. Productivity Increases:

Caffeine could definitely give you that needed boost in the morning. However, there are some more foods that you can incorporate into your morning breakfast that can give you that much needed boost – oatmeal, avocados, bananas and pineapples. If you give yourself a good dose of vitamin B in the morning, you could end up upping your levels of concentration and this will also help you think a little more clearly through the day.