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Food as Medicine: Combating Autoimmune Diseases!

This is an incredible video showing a physician who was able to combat her debilitating MS simply by changing her food options! It has been my personal journey as well. For me living gluten free saved my life!  What changes have you made for your body today?

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Posted by Margaret on Mar 23rd 2012 Filed in gluten free,Health,Medical,Nutrition,Uncategorized Comments (0)

As many of you may know, I was diagnosed with lupus nephritis 5 years ago.  Through the tears and severe pain early on, along with the impending prognosis of “In 5 years you will most likely be on the kidney transplant list”, from my specialist at the time( that was 5 years ago),  I have managed my symptoms which have allowed me to live a full and vibrant life.  It was certainly a rocky time for me but today I do not suffer from fatigue, joint or muscle pain, or hair thinning.

At first, to be honest, it was so difficult to come to grips with a health care provider who had fallen into such a critical and devastating illness. Lupus nephritis with multi-organ involvement.  I did not want to share it with anyone except my immediate family.  I thought, ” Where did I fail, how could this happen to me, I’m a healthy, organic eater, I exercise, and so on and so on.

Why would anyone want to be my patient, look at me. Let’s not mention the depression and intense sadness at my supposed prognosis, my 30 lb weight gain from the fluid retention due to my kidneys, the whopping doses of prednisone, hair thinning, and moon face.  I couldn’t even bare to look at myself in the mirror, I was unrecognizable.

I probably should have gone to therapy.  But I didn’t. As soon as my foggy brain and pain resolved from becoming gluten free, I delved very deeply into the healing of my body using all the tools I learned as an integrative practitioner. I experimented with various supplements, vitamins, functional testing, you name it, I was my own science lab. I  have never looked back nor have I looked or felt better.

My life today is full, I work out 4 days a week, lost all that weight and more, and barely have to maintain my weight today due to my diet.  This consists of not only of being gluten free but I also have tested myself for other various food allergies that can silently or not so silently cause inflammation . My goal was to protect my kidneys, decrease all inflammation and eat whole, raw foods along with juicing and green smoothies in the morning.

Now, I won’t lie, it is not easy to think about every single thing that goes into my mouth, making sure I incorporated self care into my daily regimen, and trying not to slack in anything. That’s a huge request, but my body wouldn’t allow anything else.

Initially lupus was the enemy, but today I see it as my gift. I have the ability, desire, and on a mission to help others who are suffering.

If you suffer from lupus now, are you willing to do what it takes, whatever it takes to stay off that kidney transplant list?To be pain free? Tired of crying alone at night because of the pain?

For me, it was a matter of life or death. Laughter or depression. Aliveness or lifeless.

I’d love your comments. See you next week.

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Posted by Margaret on Jan 23rd 2012 Filed in Food,gluten free,Health,Lupus,Medical,Nutrition Comments (0)

As I finally rise up out of my mild hibernation (I’m not a cold weathered girl), I emerge with the desire to re-do my eating habits and finally start doing some things I have been soo resisting! I tend to just slightly overdo it with the indulgences in the winter!

So want to know what they are?

Well for starters, I’m juicing every morning.

Continue my strict gluten free diet

No dairy ( this is one of my indulgences)

40 day Challenge at Joschi in NYC,

Surround myself more with my Sisterhood Community of powerful women!

More self-care: massages, walks in Central Park, reading, cooking

Schedule my annual exam and dental cleaning

Be open to receive all the glorious opportunities this year!

Today’s juicing recipe: 3 leaves of kale, 12 lemon, 1 cucumber, 3 stalks celery, 1 apple ( all organic).

So what are you doing to enhance your life, your health this year?  Is there something you too have been resisting?

As I hold up my juice to you, make one change this year for the better. Come on I know you can do it!

Until next week ( yes, I am going to blog more!)

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Posted by Margaret on Jan 3rd 2011 Filed in gluten free,Health,Medical,Recipes Comments (2)

As we head into the winter season, I have been contemplated my next few months.  But here’s a recap of what’s been happening the past few weeks:

Appetite for Awareness in Philly.  This amazing event featured food and drinks from various gluten free companies and restaurants in the area.   I left fed, satisfied, and completely in awe of the crowds that flooded the concession stands.

Blog Talk Radio Interview: What is Lupus and do you Know Anyone That Has It, listen to the interview as I speak on the link between celiac disease and lupus. Listen Here

NY1-  News channel: Discussing bio-identical hormones and the latest research study.  This is still a focus in my practice.  The hormones used in the studies that caused breast cancer were progestin and equine estrogen.  These are not the ones I use to alleviate menopausal symptoms in women.  Bio-identical hormones are primarily plant based hormones and mimick our own hormones.–one-size-fits-all-?ap=1&MP4

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Posted by Margaret on Nov 28th 2010 Filed in Celiac Disease,GF Events,gluten free,Health,Medical Comments (0)

I am so looking forward to speaking for the Lupus Foundation in NYC, see events for further details.  My passion is to truly empower these women and not allow the diagnosis to alter or blemish who they are or affect the fulfillment of their desires.

Here is a video of a young woman told she would not be able to play basketball.

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Posted by Margaret on Jun 6th 2010 Filed in Health,Medical Comments (0)

As I lay on the beach in Miami alone, listening to meditative tunes, thinking of ways I can serve others. Getting away from the noise and bustle of NYC and listening to the soft crashes of the water on the shore, thoughts became very clear for me.  Its amazing when we quiet down a bit, we can really hear the subtle guidance, the whispers of what’s next.  How can I shed some light for others with autoimmune issues?

Thoughts of approaching the Lupus Foundation came to mind, yes this feels right.  I can share my story, my journey with lupus. It took me a long time to say that word out loud. Really. But now that I am living a healthy, super delicious life, I feel moved to spread the word.  To teach others what I learned about this disease.  The disease that affected every organ of my body, robbed me of my long, luxurious hair, that kept me captive in my home for months just to recover.  Wow, what a long journey it has been, learning to truly listen to my body as she speaks to me, sometimes very loudly.

Mainly, the discovery of my severe gluten intolerance, now that was life changing.  Officially, I am a gluten free fanatic, celiac educator, and now possibly a speaker to individuals of lupus.  Those still suffering muscle or joint pain, fatigue, foggy brain, pleurisy, kidney issues, abnormal liver functions, and the list goes on and on.

Yes, I can and  will enlighten those who may be still battling this disease, shedding some light on alternatives for testing from the prospective of functional medicine.

Maybe the Lupus Foundation will be interested in my mission, my voice, finally the opening up and the strength that has come forward, fulfilling my purpose.

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Posted by Margaret on May 10th 2010 Filed in Health,Medical Comments (0)

I thought this was a great video and I definitely agree with the blood work being largely false negatives. Gene testing is the way to go!

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Posted by Margaret on Mar 28th 2010 Filed in Celiac Disease,gluten free,Health,Medical,Uncategorized Comments (0)

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