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Kettlebell Information  Kettlebell FAQ  Kettlebell Questions

Kettlebell Information Kettlebell FAQ Kettlebell Questions

While we''re always glad to answer your questions, we''ve discovered that most inquiries are quite similar. For that reason, we''ve added this FAQ page to better serve your needs. Follow the links below to navigate to your specific inquiry.



Q: Are your kettlebells as good as Dragondoor''s?

A: We, along with all of our customers, consider K2 Fitness kettlebells the gold standard in kettlebells; unsurpassed in quality, construction, uniformity, and accuracy of weights.


Q: Why are your kettlebells so much more inexpensive than other companies?

A: We are a relatively small company, without the high overheads many other companies may possess. We have priced our kettlebells in a fashion that we feel is fair to the consumer, while still trying to make a viable profit. We, (and our customers according to the feedback we receive), consider that we provide outstanding products at affordable prices.


Q: Where are your kettlebells made?

A: As far as we know, we are now THE ONLY company whose kettlebells are MADE IN THE USA. That includes Dragondoor, who moved their production to China quite some time back

Mixing K2 Fitness Kettlebells with other brands:

Q: I have a kettlebell I purchased from Dragondoor, but I want to purchase one of yours to complete the pair. Can I use the two different brands together, and will I be able to tell a difference?

A: Our kettlebells (except the 8kg, and 4 kg) are nearly identical, in physical size, to Dragondoor''s. There are, however, minor differences. In the traditional sizes, for example, our kettlebells have a very slightly larger handle (1 millimeter on average in circumference). You will also find that we have consistently much smoother and much more uniform handles. Other companies kettlebells that we''ve used and inspected, typically have a range on the handle circumferences that varies approximately 1-4 millimeters. So, if you purchased one from Dragondoor 3 months ago, chances are if you bought another of the same size today, the handles would have a size differential. Also, due to variances in foundry processes and casting, the weight of the one bought today may be slightly different than the one purchased 3 months ago. The weight differences hold true for ours as well. There will be minute differences from one run to the next. Additionally, of the many Dragondoor kettlebells we''ve compared to, theirs are usually lighter than the advertised weight. When we began production, we were very demanding on having accurate weights. Which, on average, makes our kettlebells slightly heavier than a comparable one from Dragondoor (usually about 1 lb). Again, foundry processes and the actual composition and percentages of the iron used to cast the kettlebells can vary from one run to the next, making any companies weights or kettlebells vary slightly. We use a much higher quality paint and paint process than any other company on our kettlebells. This produces an extremely nice finish. You will find that our kettlebells are much smoother than others. So the short answer is: Yes, you can mix and match ours with a kettlebell from DD, and never tell the difference, other than the smoothness of our handle. NOTE: Our 8kg and 4kg Kettlebells are of a completely different material and physical size than the 8kg/4kg kettlebell manufactured by Dragondoor. Therefore the two are completely incompatible.

Can I Pick Up a Kettlebell or Other Product Directly From You?

Q: I live in the east TN area, or will be driving through there soon. I want to save shipping costs, can I pick up a kettlebell directly from you?

A: We do not maintain a retail location, nor operate in manner that easily permits direct resale to the general public. If you would like to pick up kettlebells, or any of our other products directly from us, we are glad to make arrangements. Other wise pleas contact one of our retailers (some outside the east TN area) where you may purchase a K2 Fitness kettlebell, or other of our products. See the retailer page for these locations.

Training Resources

Q: How do I learn to use a kettlebell, and most effectively incorporate them into my training?

A: First we would advise that you attend one of our seminars or workshops. Greg is Certified by The International Sport Sciences Association (ISSA) as a Specialist in Sports Conditioning, and is also a Certified Russian Kettlebell Instructor, and has more than 25 years of weight training and athletic experience. He also stays abreast of current fitness and lifting topics through membership in the NSCA. Plus he has been a competitive kettlebell lifter and won the 2004 Tennessee State Girevoy Sport Championships in the 90+ Kilo Class. He is also a nationally ranked Highland Games Athlete and has placed in 2 Master''s World Championships. Shane is a a retired NFL Defensive Lineman, Exercise Physiology Major and operates a karate school teaching Judo, Hapkido and Tae Kwon Do. He was introduced to kettlebells by Greg, has also been training with kettlebells for over seven years. Mike Nease has joined us this year, learning the nuances of kettlebell instruction from Greg, and instructs at many of our workshops/clinics. Mike also has a professional football background and worked for many years as the Manager of a physical therapy center and gymnasium before opening his own gym in Greenville, TN. He is a long-time Professional Highland Games Athlete, and brings to us his vast knowledge of traditional strength training, a field where he is well known, holding many lifting records, including a Master''s World record 866 lb Deadlift and his latest record of a 1015 lb 18" deadlift at the 2004 Music City Classic Strongman Competition. Mike also shares the Highland Games Masters'' World Record in both the weight for height, and 16 pound Sheaf.

If you''re not located conveniently to the East TN area, contact us, tell us where you are located, and we''d be happy to recommend a Certified Kettlebell Instructor. We won''t recommend just any Certified Kettlebell Instructor, because as in other fields, some are better than others, we''ll only put you in contact with ones we know to be tops in the field. Second, we would advise that you obtain our book and/or videos. Even with these resources, EVERYONE that has attended one of our workshops/clinics, has considered it a very good small investment. Lastly, you can purchase a kettlebell and learn to use it on your own. If you have a weight training background, you can learn your way around a kettlebell fairly quickly. However, if you want to obtain the greatest benefits from kettlebell training, regardless of your past weight training experience, follow the advice above.

Body Bag, Sandbags


Q: How large are the "BodyBags," and how much do they weigh when filled?

A: The "BodyBags" measure 26" long by 11" in diameter. The weight, when filled can vary, depending upon what filler material you use, and how full you fill them. We recommend filling them with "pea gravel," which when completely filled has the bag at around 100-115 lbs. If utilizing sand, the bag weight can be increased to about 125 pounds when full. We have introduced many improvements to our current "BodyBag" based on feedback from clients and our own long-term testing, and added the BodyBag Jr in 2004. The BodyBag Jr measures 9"x20" and has around a 50-75 lb capacity. The BodyBag BigBoy debuted in February 2006 and measures 28"Lx13.5" diameter and will weigh out 190-220 lbs and has been used in smoe Strongman competitions at 300 pounds using steel shot.


Q: Are your sandbags of quality construction, and how durable are they?

A: Our "BodyBag" sandbags are constructed of very heavy-duty canvas. They are double stitched, strategically reinforced and were specifically designed for tough use. In fact, when we used these bags at The University of Tennessee Strength Clinic in 2004, two bags were lifted and dropped approximately 3000-4000 times each. The bags had no spillage, no damage, and proved to be much tougher than the high school and collegiate athletes that were lifting them. The only visible signs of wear was the dirt they accumulated from the floor, but they are machine washable.


How Long to Receive My Order?

Q: I placed an order today, when will I receive it?

A: In general, orders placed before 2 p.m Eastern Time are processed the same day they are received. However, sometimes due to backlogs, other commitments, and extenuating circumstances, orders will not go out on the day of order processing. When we ship an order in the continental US, it usually takes 2-5 business days until the customer receives it. The transit time depends upon our shipper, and where the order is going. We are located in the East TN area, so west coast orders take the longest.

Q: I placed an order last week using the "PayPal" E-Check option, and haven''t received it yet, what gives?

A: When you pay with the "E-Check" option, it is just like writing a check. The funds are drawn from your specified account, have to route through the Federal Reserve Depository system, and then be deposited to our account. Just as it takes a regular check several days to clear, the "E-Check" option usually takes 7-9 business days to clear. The old saying "the checks'' in the mail" is great, but we still won''t ship your order until we''ve got money in hand.

How Do You Ship Your Products?

Q: How do you ship?

A: We ship via UPS ground for all domestic shipments; Alaska and Hawaii are shipped OVERNIGHT. For special team, quantity or bulk orders, we usually use LTL truck line shipment to save our customers money.

Can you ship over-seas and/or to APO addresses?

Q: Can I get a kettlebell shipped to me in Singapore?

A: We can ship a kettlebell to you in Singapore, or anywhere else in the world for that matter. However, these orders must be shipped International Overnight, which is quite expensive. Unusually the cost to ship is 2-3 times the cost of the kettlebell itself, sometimes more.

Q: Can you ship to my APO address?

A: Yes! We have assisted hundreds of our US Servicemen and women in getting kettlebells and other equipment abroad to train with. Simply go to our CONTACT page and send us all your particulars, especially the item and number desired, along with the complete APO address. We will e-mail you back a payment option which will be for the necessary amount. These items will ship via the USPO, so there are some size and weight restrictions (70lb limit). Shipping to an APO/FPO usually requires additional shipping charges.

Tracking Orders

Q: How can I track my order?

A: We use UPS fto process and ship our orders. The recipient is automatically notified when the waybill is printed and proccessed with the tracking number and a tracking link. The e-mail address you used when placing your order is the e-mail to which tracking information will be sent, be sure that it is a valid e-mail and that any spam blockers will allow the shipping notification to arrive from UPS. Adding your phone number to the order is now required and is there only for facilitating shipment. You will NOT be aded to any telemarketing lists, guaranteed!


Q: Can I place an order other than on the website?

A: We accept fax orders utilizing credit cards (865-573-694) and phone orders (865-607-5387) with credit/debit/check cards. If placing a phone/fax order, please be aware that we do not have dedicated personnel to accept phone orders so the call may go to voice mail and that the phone will only be answered during regular business hours (8-5 M-F Eastern Time) If utilizing any of the above alternative order methods, there will be an additional $8.00 charge per order for processing. This is due to the additional time involved for a person to process the payment versus the automated web ordering, so be sure to include the additional amount on your order form, and in payment calculations..