Lean System 7 – (LS7)

Lean System 7 – (LS7)

Fat Burner Review

Lean System 7 is claimed to be used by over 1 million people worldwide, so it has a fairly significant slice of the diet pill market. It is fairly new to the open market and categorized as a fat burner.

Lean System 7''s makers have promoted well and their advertising material is excellent. Does this colorful shroud hide and ineffective product though.

At first glance it does contain all the right ingredients needed for weight loss.

  • Citrus Aurantium
  • Bioperine

It is of no surprise that Lean System 7 comprises of no less than 7 main ingredients all proven to aid weight loss – hence the name Lean System 7. This weight loss product does start to get a little hazy when you consider that the above ingredients are that of the “new” Lean System 7. The “old” version contained Ephedra which is now a banned substance with potential life threatening consequences.

Lean System 7 continues to get hazier still when you consider the labelling does not reveal exactly how much of each ingredient it contains.

Does Lean System 7 Work

In truth there are not that many negative or positive reviews surrounding this product. The manufacturers Isatori are keen to point out that a full 60 day money guarantee exists. It unclear of an exact rate and exactly how many people have asked for a refund.

In conclusion, Lean System 7 does have ticks in all the right boxes and can aid weight loss, although to what degree. It is in our opinion that there are better and more effective weight loss pills available than LS7 to make it a real contender. The lack of transparency in the detail of its ingredients are a major minus point. LS7 will probably not give you side effects and may probably not live up to expectation as a diet supplement.

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