MVP Innovation Institute

MVP Innovation Institute

The future of health care requires a confluence of dramatically improved efficiencies, unprecedented system wide collaboration, and approaches that are far-sighted enough to anticipate change and agile enough to respond to an ever-shifting landscape.

MVP’s innovative products, population health management strategies and wellness programs connect and empower employees, employers, physicians and members to achieve better outcomes. The MVP Health Care Innovation Institute is another bold step forward – creating opportunities for the thought leaders who are visioning the future of health care to interact and exchange ideas with employers, healthcare providers and others to apply sophisticated thinking and innovation to advance to healthcare 2.0 where:

- Physicians will spend their time being doctors, practicing the art and science of medicine,

- Patients will be informed consumers and active participants in maintaining their health,

- Employers and taxpayers who finance the cost of healthcare be able to purchase high quality care that is more affordable.

Here are some glimpses of what the future of healthcare can be:

- George Halvorson, the CEO of Kaiser Permanente has predicted that a third of conventional office visits will be replaced by Web visits, freeing both the physician and the patient from the limitations of a fixed appointment.

- Distance also disappears in the healthcare 2.0 world. A patient who has a heart attack in China will soon be able – with the right applications of technology – to have his or her complete medical record dispatched within seconds from his or her U.S doctor to the Chinese caregiver who needs that current and comprehensive information right now.

- Healthcare becomes consumer-centric in the healthcare 2.0 world. We know there are large variations in the cost and quality of the very same procedure or treatment. Yet patients have no way to know how inconsistent or even dangerous care can be. Healthcare 2.0 has the power to put information about cost, quality and effectiveness patients’ hands, transforming them into healthcare consumers.

The goal of the MVP Health Care Innovation Institute is to create opportunities for thinking and discussion to take place and the exchange of ideas.

Announcing our first symposium, Advancing Healthcare 2.0 July 28 & 29, 2010