Obesity Problems In America

Obesity Problems In America

Childhood Obesity Problems

Recently, I saw an ad on television that talked about the fact that over 12 million youths in America are overweight. Let that number sink in for a second. 12 million. 12 million? Are you kidding me? That’s more than the total population of the entire nation of Greece. The poor eating habits and sedentary lifestyles that today’s youth (and adults) live by certainly are the major factors to blame. And, to be fair, we can’t really blame the children.

No, in most cases, the parents of these children are to blame. Of course, there are genetic conditions that can contribute, but in most cases, the poor role modeling that their parents do is a prime reason. What do we expect our children to think is acceptable if our diets consist of fast foods and we rarely, if ever, exercise?

Children that are overweight often suffer in numerous ways. Of course, they are ridiculed at school by their peers, but the truth is that some teasing is one of the last things that we need to worry about. Obesity has been linked to numerous diseases. Although we know it’s not healthy to be overweight, many people fail to consider the long term health impacts that obesity can have and let things get out of hand for too long. For example, are you comfortable knowing that your child being overweight increases their chances of having things like:

Cardiovascular disease
High blood pressure
Atherosclerosis (clogged arteries)
Myocardial infarction (heart attack)
Type II diabetes
Joint problems
Cancers like breast and prostate cancer
Lower quality of life & depression

As a parent, I couldn’t live with myself knowing that my child is being exposed to these health risks due to my decisions. This is why parents need to be more aware of how bad childhood obesity is, and need to know what options they have for seeking help. Such options include weight loss camp for kids, specialists in your area, and (of course) changes to diet and exercise routines.

Despite the risks and potential scary news associated with childhood obesity, the good news is that it can be reversed. Some simple education can go a long way. Empowering children to make good eating choices and exercise decisions is the first step, and is something that most fitness camps focus on. Many kids are so used to being entertained by televisions, computers, and video games that they get little to no exercise and think that physical activities are no fun. One key in helping a child lose weight is to show them that there are fun ways to exercise and teach them games or activities that are active.

However, be aware that the changes that your child likely needs to make are not the kind of things that can be done overnight. It will require patience and dedication, but over time your child will become healthier and will set themselves up for a long and enjoyable life.

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