The Pure Innergy Program includes 3 booklets, one focuses on inner transformation ...Just as there are unhealthy foods that we need to removed from our diet, there are also unhealthy ways of thinking. This booklet address the purpose of our creation and how we have been created spirt, soul and body.

The other two booklets focus on outer transformation through healthy food exchanges, The Pure Innergy Food Program, cellular cleansing and exercise. The Recipe Book contains easy, delicious recipes and fantastic cooking tips. There is a full 21 day program, as outlined below.

No matter where you may be on your health journey there is always hope for change. You may have given up on yourself and the dream of being healthy and fit, but we are here to tell you that it is never too late and there is not a more perfect time than right now. Procrastination is one of the main causes of obesity and disease. So, let the Pure Innergy Program be a new start for you! You are never limited to the amount of new starts that you can take in life. So, take the leap into Pure Innergy today!

Just as important as detoxing the accumulated waste from unhealthy, unnatural foods is detoxing your life of unhealthy emotions, relationships and patterns that are sabatoging your ability to heal and stay healed.

Through the Life Transformation book you will have empowering messages that will feed your spirit and soul along with practical techniques you

The strength and durability of a building is completely dependant on its foundation. During Phase 2 you will learn vital foundational keys to building health for a lifetime.

  • Raw food desserts- that''s right- no cooking, no dairy, no eggs and absolutely delcious- raw berry crisp, chocolate pudding, chocolate mousse, chocoloate fondue, raw precan pie, brownies...