Slimming is now imperative, not only to correct the excesses of Christmas and to get your swimsuit on the beach. It is a health issue for the pace of life and the way that we understand . But care !, is not the same diet to lose weight healthily, how healthy is to reduce our body fat index , and this is not always what we do when adelgazamos the first way that comes to mind.

For our health and the way our figure, what really matters most is to eliminate or reduce the accumulation of fat in our body, this excess is actually harmful . The problem is that there are only socioeconomic factors that influence weight gain, they will go to adding other forms of understanding life that involve, directly, a disproportionate increase in our body mass.

We refer to physical inactivity, inadequate eating habits and excessive trend that increasingly has no sacrifice, not to suffer the least, to satisfy our desires at all times. All this means that as our body is losing metabolic capacity due to age and other factors , are accumulated all those products that it does not use and can not excrete enough speed, increasing, inevitably, our fat index body and consequently our weight.

So, to reduce our weight permanently and long term and that the sacrifice made worthwhile, is not enough to do sporadically certain “miracle diets” (it is often forgotten that during that regime, puedemos likely to be sick by lack of vitamins and other essential elements to maintain health.), but requires a radical change in our way of life. Otherwise, we could soon be recovering what was lost.

In all the magic formula for weight loss there is little component of sacrifice, that is, almost no one is willing to do something as simple as balancing consumer spending.

Recommendations and Folk Remedies
As indicated in the introduction, change our habits is vital for weight loss and take care of our physical and emotional health. So we have to follow its recommendations.

Drink plenty of water facilitates the process of weight loss, it helps the body break down fats and help eliminate hunger. Take 8 to 10 glasses of water (2 liters) minimum.
Eliminate sugars and alcohol. It should remove chocolates and sweets. Instead we consume fruits, especially orange and grapefruit . Alcohol should be avoided because it is metabolized as sugar.
Avoid drinking diuretics in order to lose weight . Remove too many body fluids causes blood pressure (get off hypotension ), this causes the person to feel tired, dizzy and exhausted hindering the loss of kilos.
Caring for food and how to cook. This requires eliminating the consumption of “junk food” and saturated fat, and minimize flour, potatoes, rice … (say all white) and red meat. Instead, we consume chicken meat, fish and all kinds of vegetables. If you can not avoid eating between meals, you can take an infusion, 100 g. of pickles, a tomato or tomato juice or some cereal (cornflakes or oatmeal). Account not only what you eat, it is also important as it cooks , we prefer to roast and boiled fried, lighter preparations are steam, boiled, oven and iron.
Avoid sitting in front of TV or computer long time . Leading a sedentary lifestyle, spending more than four hours sitting , negatively influences the levels of glucose and fat in the body. According to various studies, every hour spent sitting increases the risk of heart disease by 18% . If we need to sit a long time, it is necessary to break this dynamic every half hour or every hour at least five minutes of moderate activity or exercise.
Eat in small plates. According to studies by the University of Utah, there is a lag between the time a person has finished eating and when your stomach feels full. By using small dishes they are served smaller portions. In this sense, to empty the dish, the brain receives the signal having finished eating and we reach the true feeling of being satisfied or not. So we avoid eating “more”.pepper
Garnish foods with pepper, ginger , curry and chili. These thermogenic foods activate the metabolism, thus burning calories faster. In addition, these spices fight heartburn, bloating and improve digestion.
Exercise. Half an hour of walking during the day can be very effective. Whenever possible, we choose the stairs to take the lift.
Do not go food shopping hungry. It’s not nonsense, buy in the supermarket hungry it encourages gluttony and may be tempted to buy more food than you need, and even consume less suitable gourmands and food.
Natural remedies focus their performance naturally stimulate the liver and digestive system , which facilitates the process of weight loss.

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