Symptoms of Mono Health Advices

Symptoms of Mono  Health Advices

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Infectious Mononucleosis a very common contagious infection which is also called as mono, or glandular fever or kissing disease, caused by Epstein-Barr virus that belongs to the herpes virus family. Compared to other WBC, a relative increase in lymphocytes as a result of this infection can be seen in blood of the infected person. It is most commonly observed in teenagers and young adults and sometimes in children. It’s important to know the symptoms, though prevention of the infection is a bit difficult because of the repetitive reactivation of the virus, the symptoms of the infection cannot be noticeable in the early stage.

• sometimes edema on upper eye lids which is impermanent.

The infection is spread mostly by saliva (and so the name kissing disease), and person-to-person contact. Even inhalation of droplets in the air that comes from coughs or sneezes from infected persons, and Partaking of food or beverages. It occurs usually with an incubation period of four to eight weeks.

Blood test is the diagnosis test done for confirmation of mono where an abnormality in the liver function is checked. Furthermore, there is a specific test like Monospot and Heterophile antibody tests that exactly confirms the infection.

Fact is that when the majority of the people reach middle age, their immune system develops antibodies to abolish the foreign bacteria and viruses and so the same applies for EBV too. This is the reason why no noticeable symptoms can be seen in most of the infected people. When comes to infected children, there are chances of nearly 10% to become sick.

To relieve severe sore throat, which is the major troubling symptom in this infection, salt water gargled is the best treatment and taking rest, one can do instead of going to a doctor. Giving Tylenol also helps to reduce sore throat, fever, body pains, etc. Taking aspirin is not suggested as it creates other complications. And for fever and other body pain’s ibuprofen, is also suggested. Prednisone, works for enlarged tonsils, pharyngeal pain, and odynophagia.

Drugs like Ampicillin and amoxicillin should be avoided as it may cause rashes. Penicillin or erythromycin is best treated medications for sore throat.

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