TestimonialAll testimonials are real

TestimonialAll testimonials are real


All testimonials are real. They are completely unedited and uncoached. Nobody was paid to say any of these nice things about our program!

Two pounds! Just like you said, Ric! I can''t believe it! Ohmigosh! I''m surprised you all didn''t hear me scream (at 4:30 AM) clear out there! I know you don''t know me. You don''t have any idea about all the things I''ve tried to lose weight. You have no idea how determined (stubborn) I am, or how frustrated I''ve been. After losing 99 pounds, I''ve been stuck at this weight for over a year and a half. I''ve tried every (other) eating plan I know of. Even giving up carbs (I''d rather die.) I''ve tried eating less and less and exercising more and more. I''ve tried adding endurance work and intensity intervals. I''ve tried vitamins. I''ve changed thyroid meds. I thought I''d tried everything, but the scale wouldn''t budge.

I was nearly suicidal (not literally). I did, though, quite literally, beat the scale into a pile of twisted metal with a sledgehammer. (Don''t tell me that''s not a little unbalanced.) And the worst part about the whole thing--nobody believed me! I think everyone thought I must be secretely snarfing down entire stuffed- crust, supreme pizzas after the family went to bed. Not even my doctor believed me!

Today is my fourth day of fatburning, and I''ve lost TWO POUNDS! Add that to the seven I lost during conditioning--9 pounds total! And inches, too, so I know it''s not just a faulty scale. My last scale was off by MANY pounds (leading to the sledgehammer action). So when I went in for my last yearly checkup, thinking I had lost weight, I found that I had actually gained 4 pounds! On 1100 calories a day ! I''m 5''11"! (Just call the guys in the white tuxedoes with the wrap-around arms and haul me away!)

It''s just a good thing there''s no famine in the U.S. right now. I''d be worried about cannibalism. I''m afraid I''d start looking a lot like a juicy, roasted turkey if everybody else was skin and bones. Well, if we ever do have a long-term famine, I guess my genes will be the ones that change the path of evolution. We can add a new one to Darwin''s laws: Survival of the Fattest.

I''m totally in shock right now. Goofy and gushing, I know. But thanks, Ric, and everyone else who''ve been so helpful and encouraging. You''ve changed my life. I''m finally on my way!

- Shari

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