The Tomato Diet

The Tomato Diet

Why tomato diet provides slimming effect?

Due to the fact that tomato contains no fat and is low in sugar, it’s idea to have tomato instead of snack in order to satisfy your appetite. It is not only for weight loss, but it contains vitamins and lycopene which help maintaining a health and to against illness at the same time. Moreover, tomato is rich in dietary fiber which can help defecating metabolism. Therefore, it is very suitable for those who are suffering the pain of constipation (constipation food) to implement this method.

Tomato diet does not have a strict eating plan. You can choose to eat a large tomato before meals or have tomato instead of other rich in oil foods (oily products) or high in sugar foods during working overtime at night. However, the effect could be varied on different people.

Tomato almost made up entirely by water. It can easily fill up the stomach and it is low calorie (25 calories per 100 grams). Therefore, it is a kind of fruit diet that particularly suitable for weight loss. However, there is no other nutrient in tomato except vitamin C. Therefore, the best tomato diet is: Have the foods that you normally have for breakfast and lunch but try to pay attention to nutrition, try to maintain the average calories for each meal is about 600 kcal. Then only eat tomato for dinner instead. In this way, it can be easily maintained the daily intake calories around 1400 kcal.

5 benefits of tomato diet:

1. Low in calories: Tomato is tasty and easily fill up the stomach. It contains only 16 kcal per 100 gram. A 250 grams of a medium size tomato is only 40 kcal, compare to an apple with the same size (Apple products) is 107 kcal.

2. Rich in vitamins A, C and other elements: Vitamin A can make the skin stay healthy. A tomato has already contained a daily requirement of vitamin C (50 mg) for an adult and it helps to enhance the body''s resistance against illness. Meanwhile, the iron (iron content), citric acid within the tomato can prevent anemia and fatigue and helps strengthening the blood vessels.

3. Resistant to oxidation: The ‘Eggplant blood elements ’within a tomato can lead to an effect of antioxidant for the human body against any harm from the sun ray and air pollution.

4. Reduce oil absorption: Tomato is rich in dietary fiber which is a material that can absorb excess fat in the intestine before eliminating it from the human body. Eat a tomato before meals can also prevent the body to absorb fat and help burning fat effectively.

5. Cancer prevention: Tomato is rich in lycopene which is a material that can reduce any cancer issues related to mouth, throat, esophagus, stomach and colon.

Tomato slimming diet in a week

【Method】 Eat only tomatoes for lunch and dinner and the remaining meal can be consumed as usual.

【Effect】 Lose 5-10 pounds in weight.

【Comments】 You can reduce the absorption of at least hundreds of calories by eating tomato instead. Therefore, it will not be too much pressure and without having the risk of resulting a lack of nutrition issue.
Tomato weight loss meal

Eat only tomatoes for lunch and dinner and the remaining meal can be consumed as usual. However, the food should be light, low in calories. Try this method consecutively for a week and only once a month.

How many tomatoes can you eat between the two meals in a day?

Basically, there is no limit. In fact, tomatoes can easily fill up the stomach. Therefore, you should stop once you feel full. If you feel eating raw tomatoes is very difficult then you can make a variety of tomato combination. However, try to avoid frying, deep-fried or grilled cooking method, ideally have them cooked by steaming or boiling. You can also try to make soup with them.

Key notes for having only tomatoes for main meal:

1, Tomato is almost made from water, there is not much nutrition except vitamin Cv. Therefore, you will have to make sure that you have enough nutrition from the remaining meals.

2, No matter what kind of food, it will lead to obesity if you over-eat them. Tomato is good to fill up the stomach effectively. However, you will need to be careful not to over-eat it in order to cause side effect such as edema.

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