Tips on removing dog odor

Tips on removing dog odor

As much as you love to cuddle with your pet dog, their body odor can sometimes be a nuisance to you. No worries, because you can help reduce or even remove the odor from your pet with the help of bath and grooming products. But before you use dog odor removers, make sure first that they are safe to use on your pup and are biodegradable. These pet odor removers are believed to be effective in removing dog, cat and other animal odor. Additionally, they also take into account urine and litter stains. Eliminating the bad odor is also an essential part of taking care of your dog, especially in toilet training because they constantly return to the area which they have already marked with their personal scent. This is also important for you as the dog owner, as it neutralizes the odor of your pet.

Heat and steam colors may be a contributing factor in setting permanently the dog odor and stain on man-made fibers of the carpets, sofas and rugs. However, cleaning chemicals that have strong vinegar odors or ammonia are not as effective on dogs to cover the odor of urine as on their human counterparts. Instead, these may only encourage your pup to reinforce the urine scent more in a specific area for better recognition.

Below are some of the effective tips in removing dog odor:

  • Items that are washable may be washed using the washing machine with one pound of baking soda to the regular detergent, then air-dry it.
  • Enzymatic cleaners are believed to help remove dog odor and clean items.
  • Use covers for your sofas with an inexpensive, easy-to-wash vinyl, flannel-backed tablecloth. This will look unattractive to your pet until they are already toilet-trained.
  • As much as possible, clean the urine of your pet before it dries. Soak it up using paper towels and newspapers to be able to remove the odor right away. When the urine dries, the odor becomes even stronger.
  • If you want to remove traces of old chemical cleaners, you need to thoroughly clean the stains in carpeting as well as other areas.
  • You can also choose to use a vacuum cleaner or wet-vac, which is quite efficient and economical for the purpose.
  • Once you are done thoroughly cleaning, a high-quality dog odor neutralizer can be used. Make sure to follow the instructions carefully.
  • You can also try alternately using vinegar and baking soda to neutralize the odor.
  • After cleaning, sprinkle some baking soda to the area and leave it overnight. Sweep up the baking soda the next morning and use a strong vinegar wash, then rinse the area. After a few hours, the odor of vinegar will evaporate.

You can also prevent your dog from having body odor or bad breath by giving them only healthy and natural food, bathing them frequently and properly, as well as grooming and brushing them. When you consistently care for your pet dog, it significantly reduces odors or even eliminate the odor completely.